PLEASE come "Like" Brodies facebook page & Spread awareness and stop the elimination of WHITE BOXERS

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Barked: Mon May 23, '11 3:25pm PST 
please come "like" brodie's facebook page to help bring awareness and stop the dumping and eliminating of white boxers just because of their color! Thank you for your support!

Barked: Mon May 23, '11 3:26pm PST 
you do NOT have to own a white boxer to like the page and show your support! every person counts! thank you!

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Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 9:58pm PST 
Brodie is so cute reminds me of Bella as a puppy.

I didn't think white boxers were treated like this still..

The breeder I got Bella from was sadly a backyard breeder or a hobby breeder whatever you'd call it. =

Shiba inu have the same issue they're called creams luckily most breeders sell them to pet homes only.

It's not part of AKC because cream shiba inu don't have the markings like red, B&T, and sesame shiba inu..

I'm fine with breeders trying to breed for better dogs, but no need to kill or dump the pup just because it's white..

Breeders who are doing this are most likely bad kind of breeders..

Good kind would keep the puppy and find it a home like the shiba inu breeder I know does with her creams..

She treats them the same and loves them very much and finds great pet homes. Sad if boxer breeders still do this..

my question do actual good breeders do this to their white boxer pups?

The dog park I go to there's three white boxers four if you include Bella.

One female white boxer is deaf so she can't hear poor girl is sweet, but gets startled if you come from behind she likes seeing the person approaching..


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Barked: Sun Jun 26, '11 10:46pm PST 
Years ago,the 70's and early 80's, reputable breeders would "cull" the white Boxer pups by euthanizing them at birth to assure that "inferior" dogs were not bred to pass along undesirable traits in their bloodline.Dane breeders also also euthanized white pups.Nowadays breeders have the option of limited registration, so the practice of eliminating white pups has pretty much stopped. I am sure there are still some breeders that do, but its pretty rare. You mention abandoning dogs because they are white... dogs of every breed, color, sex and age are abandoned by the thousands everyday. Its a sad situation, but its because people dont get their pets spayed or neutered, or think they are going to make a bunch of money by throwing 2 dogs of the same breed together to have puppies regardless of their quality,health or temperament. Unfortunatly its the dogs that suffer such stupidity.

Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 1:43pm PST 
My family had a white boxer for 13 years -- best dog they've ever had (though I'm working on that!). Some time after losing him to cancer, they started looking around for another white boxer. Some of the breeders they contacted actually got mad when they asked about one, some even hung up the phone. They ended up adopting my dad, a black (sealed brindle) boxer. He eventually had a litter with mom, and HERE I AM! When I was born, they knew I was born for them. White boxers are just as amazing as the rest of the breed.