AKC Eukanuba dog show tickets?

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Barked: Mon May 9, '11 10:19am PST 
As part of my Senior trip, I'd really LOVE to go to the AKC Eukanuba Championships to watch all the different AKC events. This year its in Orlando, FL and I was wondering if you guys knew how do I go about getting tickets and information? And what can I expect when I'm there? Thanks!blue dog

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Barked: Mon May 9, '11 10:52am PST 
Perhaps you'll find the information here...

http://www.akc.org/invitational/2011/index.cfm?text_event _number=2011277101

Barked: Tue May 10, '11 3:40pm PST 
They sold tickets on Ticketmaster and at the box office for the 2010 show (different price for Adult/youth/children/Sr). It is fun and probably a little exhausting. Lily competed in the agility invitational in 2010, so my experience is with California's layout. The Meet the Breed booths are an opportunity to learn from exhibitors and breeders alike about their dogs and get a glimpse of the dogs.

The distances between events (conformation, food booths, vendors, agility, parking) can be long. So, wear very comfortable shoes. Food and drinks were expensive. Parking was for a fee. And, I think they had a dock diving demo/event.

It's absolutely worth a visit to peruse the vendor booths, watch the daytime competitions and check out the evening conformation. In agility there are a lot of dogs in each jump height and I'd expect two rings. There was an announcer in one of the agility rings that would talk about the bio of the dog/team running.

My favorite part was watching all the different dog breeds running the same agility course. With only 5 of each breed invited you get a great mix and differing characters. They had bleachers in California and probably will have something similar to view agility in Florida. The breed conformation rings had chairs you could pull up around corded off rings and the group / best in show, etc., events in the main auditorium.

As long as I am able to make the trek cross-country, Lily will be there to compete in agility. Love to meet you. Send me a note if you decide to go.

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Barked: Mon May 16, '11 6:19am PST 
I attended one in Tampa with one of Luke's sons. It was hot, crowded, crazy and I had a BLAST!!!!
Most of us regular dog show exhibitors are not used to that many spectators and it was tough beating our way thru the crowds of people to even get into the ring, but I do understand they have worked some of those issues out.
My Frenchie fancied himself a social butterfly so we were surrounded by petting people everywhere we went, but... that IS the point of a show like this so we didn't mind.
The grooming/crating area was way, way too small, but, again, I believe the move to Orlando is supposed to help out there as well.
Bring LOTS of spending money... there are some really GREAT concessions with stuff you won't see anywhere else!!!

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Barked: Mon May 16, '11 3:49pm PST 
Thanks for all the infosmile I'll keep an eye on Ticketmaster to see when tickets will be available. And I plan on saving a bunch of money, I love vendors at shows lolsmile