Littermates reunited- do they know they are siblings?

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OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 9:11am PST 
So I will try to make a long story short, Chloe got to see her sister yesterday! My boyfriend and I bought his mom's house and we are in the process of moving in. My BF's Mom is the one who "rescued" 5 of the puppies from this "oops" litter. We picked out Chloe, she gave 2 of the pups away to homes, and she kept two herself. Mya and Casey. Mya was always jumping the fence, she would jump the fence several times a day and she always went to the same house- about 5 houses down. Eventually these neighbors asked if they could keep Mya, and BF's Mom agreed that they would be a better home for her. So the neighbors have had Mya for a few years now and she's got a really really good home with them. The other littermate Casey caught a rare, uncurable virus when she was 2 years old and had to be PTS. cry

So now that we live in this house Chloe & Mya only live a few houses away from each other! We live with my boyfriend's Mom, and her 4 Grandchildren. While BF & I were at our old house packing yesterday we left our dogs at the new house, and I guess the kids went and "borrowed" Mya so her and Chloe could see each other. They said the dogs went nuts and were SO happy to see each other and were "woo wooing" and kissing each other, lol!!

But my question is, do they actually KNOW that they are sisters? Do dogs have a way of recognizing that through scent? Or was Chloe just excited to see another dog that looked like her?

I would like to think that they know they are sisters, but do they really? Especially now that they are 4 years old? shrug

Barked: Mon May 9, '11 12:37pm PST 
Interesting... Our beardie didnt see his sister for 6 months but now sees her every month at shows and they always have a great time. (although Harry loves playing with any dog) I would think though there is some connection and they remember them, would definatly be nice to think so. INteresting how you say 'looks like him' Has he seen himself in the mirror smile

Canis Angelicus
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 1:01pm PST 
I don't know but right now Oscar is chilling with his Grandma Thora. In a few weeks he will be hanging out with his mom Honeybear and brother Moose. I like to think they "know" they are connected.

Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 1:16pm PST 
Savvy has been down to Virginia to see her fur parents and grandparents several times. They DO seem glad to see each other, but Labs are generally amiable so it is hard to tell.

I know my little bunch really feels it if one or two are separated from the rest for a short time.

It is nice to think that they remember connections.

Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 1:18pm PST 
Interesting question... I guess I'd say they could remember each other, but I'm not so sure dogs recognize each other as littermates.

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 1:26pm PST 
I like to think they can recognize their siblings, certainly when Ty met his brother Scooby, they seemed to have a natural bonding that i hadn't really seen Ty have with other dogs as such.

Mmmm...stinkbugs- .
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 1:32pm PST 
I think they do. Now with bauser the situation was still while he was young. I was at a pug meetup and we were walking back to our car and passed another pug. Bauser and this girl pug went NUTS for eachother. Instantly bonded as if they have been playmates forever. We started talking, first thinking it was because they were both around 7 months. Well turns out that was bausers sister.
Now of course that was only 5 months after separation. If he were to meet a sibling now, I am not sure if the reaction would be the same.
Odin- --Aug-Dec- 2010--

I'm too sexy to- do something as- unkool.
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 6:25pm PST 
I also think they do! I got a sib boy--he died of a virus on december,10. I wanted a dog and my bf didnt want me to get one, but my friend told me she wanted one. Then my aunt...so

We got four siblings: Odin(mine), Kiera(bf's), Kiba(friend's) and Kenai (aunt's). So, Odin and Kiera met a few times and they were so happy. Then we put Odin, Kiera and Kenai and they did seem to bond real quick.

This month, I was taking care of Kiba and I got her to meet her brother Kenai and yes, they clicked too! She met him again after seven months. So I do think they recognize each other smile

Odin was very wary of stranger and other dogs, but not his siblings.

One Tough Cookie
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 6:58pm PST 
Not litter mate related but I am in contact with the people who adopted T.C.'s puppies. My uncle adopted one of the girls and he is always at the house. T.C. plays well with most dogs when off leash but is even more happier when Frida (her puppy) comes over to play. They see each other almost once a month and just love playing with each other. When Frida is over, the two are inseparable and will actually howl when not together. In fact, when Frida leaves, T.C. will go into a mini depression. She hasn't done this with any other dog but Colt (one of her other puppies that we had fostered until he was 4 months).From what I have observed, I think they definitely recognize their litter mates and I do think they recognize their own pups as well. I am hoping this summer, I can arrange a play group with some of the puppies (hard because they now live all over O.C. lol).

Frida and Cowboy (aka Remi, another one of T.C.'s pups) actually go to the same groomer. The groomer didn't believe they were related because they look so different. Frida does seem generally happier on the rare occasion she has ran into Cowboy.

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Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Mon May 9, '11 7:17pm PST 
Sarah remembers my fosters if they were in my house for more than a week. She LOVES to see the boys again, but HATES seeing the females. The other funny thing is she really loves to see the new owners of the male dogs smile. They have never really payed much attention to her, but they must smell like her boy-buds!
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