Health issues in Portland.

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I was wondering if any dogsters live in Portland OR and what you guys normally do year round when it comes to heartworm, flea, tick, and boosters. See me , Mommy and Dad are moving there. We have to because of some medical issues with the family and my furparents are wondering what to expect when it comes to the year round things and if you don't know if you can point her where she can get the information. also if there are any good vets you would recommend that would be nice too.


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I don't live in Portland currently but I did for 15 years and I am moving back in 6 months.

Generally we only use flea meds in the summer. As far as heartworm goes, I keep my dos on it year round...just in case...to me it is better safe than sorry.

The weather is fairly mild there so sometimes fleas will show up in the winter, but it is not very common. PM me if you have any more questions!!

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We live on the southwest side of the Portland metro area.

We've been seeing fleas since January so we've been using Frontline every other month. We've had a very wet winter so we need something that won't become ineffective when wet.

Never seen a tick and several vets prescribe Comfortis without recommending any additional tick products.

Heartworm is a personal choice.
The vets I've spoken with have said heartworm is very rare here. Out on the northern coast most vets don't even stock it.
Daytime temps have only hit 60 degrees twice this year I believe. They've mainly been in the 40s and 50s. Nighttime temps have been low enough for frost on the very rare (and I do mean rare) night without clouds or rain.

Depending on the vet, DHPP or DHP will be the core vaccines. Some holistic vets stock just DP.
Rabies every 3 years as long as the dog is current on rabies. If the rabies vaccination "expires" it's a 1-year and then a 3-year. Medical exemptions are allowed for rabies.
There was an outbreak of Lepto that killed some sea lions out on the coast last year. Apparently that happens every so often when the population gets high.
Chance will be "due" for her 3-year DHPP shots next year. We will do titers instead just to have proof that she is current for the doggy pool and also for travel.

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I meant to say that we usually only use flea meds in the summer smile

My vets have also said that heartworm is very very rare in the area, though I do choose to keep my dogs on it.

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Mom grew up there, and we recently moved away. We never use flea medication (think we had it once when we lived there) and never ever used heartworm medication. Mom did dog rescue, and spent a long time working in the local humane society as feline welfare coordinator (bringing home cats for foster all the time too) and the only heartworm she ever saw was from animals brought from out of area. So in our cases it was fine to go without. We used natural defenses against the fleas, and if mom saw we had any we got baths