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Finally Seizure- Free!
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:02pm PST 
At 11pm last night Charley had a seizure. He had two more within a couple of hours. Cluster seizures like this are normal for Charley, so we make a mental note to tell the vet on Monday (we had to get his medicine refilled). At 4:30 am Charley had another seizure. My mom had stayed up all night with him so I could rest and open at my job tomorrow. He was given his pheno after that seizure. He was fine until 10 AM this morning. I was at work because I open on Sundays.

At ten am and he began to seize again. I was unable to leave work. The seizures stop after my mom gives him something to get his blood sugar up. The seizures stop for the rest of the morning and Charley gets some sleep.

I speed home after my shift was over. I call home to learn that he had another seizure. My mom was in tears in frustrated, she couldn't keep him from seizing and we only have one car in the family. He goes into another seizure right before I get home. I get home at two and my brother is dropped off by our pastor (who he was staying with for church stuff). We were getting ready to rush him into the E-Vet to stop the seizures.

He died before we could get him to the vet.

We did everything we could for him! He never missed a dose of his medication. We switched foods for him. He went two months without seizures and then this horrible horrible horrible thing happened. My mom feels so guilty, I feel guilty, everyone feels so guilty. We weren't expecting this at all and now he is gone. My family and I are so heart broken right now. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! WHY COULDN'T I GET OFF WORK EARLY FOR ONCE?!

My mom, brother, and I haven't stopped crying since this happened. My brother and I buried him our grandfather's backyard (its allowed... I think). I don't know what I am going to do without him. I feel so empty and it hurts to play with Isabelle because Charley would always join in. I was just playing with her and we both just stopped. Her heart isn't in it, but she is trying for me.

Three years old is to young to die. Please don't flame about getting him to the vet soon enough. We know, okay, we know. We also know he wasn't going to live very long. It is Sunday and I am supposed to be napping the afternoon away with him, but I can't.

I need words of encouragement right now. Right now I am going to go hug Izzie and throw a ball for her.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:07pm PST 
So sorry! My last dog had epilepsy, and though she didn't die young, it was definitely the epilepsy in the end that took her. There's no replacement for a dog that has passed away, but I think you've got the right idea. Go snuggle with Isabelle. We'll be thinking of you!

How You Doin'?
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:14pm PST 
I'm so sorry.cry

You didn't do anything wrong. My parents' last dog was euthanized after going into a seizure they couldn't stop. She was on conventional and complimentary alternative therapies.


Zoey, Shellie & Griffin

Natural & Loving- it!
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:22pm PST 
I am so sorry for your loss.

Basset Hound- with a Flatty- suit on
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:29pm PST 
Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.

Don't blame yourself. You can't be sure the outcome would have been any different had you gotten him to the vet. He was a lucky dog to know the love of a family, and he was lucky to have that family with him when he passed. That's more than thousands upon thousands of dogs ever know.

Give your other dog lots of love. I'm sure she's feeling the same way, on a doggy level. hug

Rocket Dog!
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:33pm PST 
I'm so sorry frown You did everything you could. hughughug
Cherokee- Forever- Loved Cherry

Our Precious- Angel Cherry
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:49pm PST 
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 6:16pm PST 
Don't live in the what ifs.

Charlie was loved and you were doing all you could. I am sorry for your loss.


hey good looking- ....what ya got- cookin
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 6:27pm PST 
hughug i am so sorry for your loss

Vaccine free- -Disease free- goes pawinpaw
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 7:25pm PST 
My heart goes out to you and all who loved Charley. Having had a dog who had a seizure every day at one time, I know for a fact you are not to blame. There's only so much we can do when the seizures happen. I know beating yourself up right now seems deserved, but it's not at all, the most important thing is that Charley was and is loved and he knew/knows that. They know when we are doing something with good intentions for them. Well I know my words are little if any comfort, but I'm thinking of you too and trusting time to heal you, so so sorry.
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