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Baby (Heaven- Bound- 9-26-06)

Eyes broke - nose is not!
Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 5:02pm PST 
This is Baby - she was our first. She lived to be 13 and was a truly amazing dog. She was a lab/english bulldog mix. Yes she was both smart and stubborn all at once. One day Baby walked into a table, then walked out to the back porch and fell into the pool. We couldn't understand what was wrong. Turns out Baby went blind overnight. She was blind for almost 3 years and taught us volumes!! Love her and miss her so. So my request is ... show us your senior and tell us something wonderful about them!! cheer
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Boomer - In Heaven- 11-15-07

Where ever you- go I go ;}
Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 5:05pm PST 
This is Boomer - she was Baby's sister-dog. They were like bookends! Where Baby was friendly - Boomer was cautious. She was so smart - if Boomer was leary of someone I learned that there were good reasons!! She too lived to be 13. She survived a little over a year after Baby pass and was my best protector. I miss her so much!! She traveled from FL to NJ and from FL to TX ALOT! She loved to go for rides and loved her family!

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Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 9:14pm PST 
Here is Sassy. She is gone now but many fond memories. She was my first dog and taught me so much. She was a very accomplished garbage hound and proud of it. She adored 'chasing' gophers but the one in our front yard was apparently a pet and she refused to do anything about that one.

Before we started agility she whined 24/7 and mostly had her tail tucked between her legs and stopped once she got to run jump with me. When she retired - she started whining again! There is a very old video on her page showing how happy she was playing agility with me.


I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 9:33pm PST 
Here is Max. I am now admitting my baby is a senior. He is 11 years old and getting better every day the way old dogs do.

He plays agility with me and we have a blast together. He has his Master Agility Dog title and recently earned his Performance Dog III. He is 7 very unlikely legs from Accomplished Performance Dog which requires 25 qualifying runs in USDAA and finished my goal of Triple Superior at the Open level in NADAC a while back. While enjoying CPE a great deal probably even finishing level 4 isn't possible on one trial a year as he still needs 3 standard runs even though he is in championship in 3 classes and level 5 in ALL the other classes.

So not a garbage hound, he doesn't even eat rabbit, horse or cow poop. He does wonder why some meat that comes into the house gets all hot and he doesn't get to eat it. He is fed raw and we humans do eat meat but prefer it warm and cooked.
Bingo-In- Memory

Appreciate the- small things
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 3:30am PST 
This is Bingo. We agreed to foster him for a pug rescue. He was pulled from a high kill shelter because hte owners said htey had allergies, he was supposedly 12. He got very sick after the pull and a vet who looked at him said he had a large tumor in the spleen and spreading to the liver and most likely inopperable. They thought he had about 2 months. We decided to adopt him because of this. He was fecally incontinent and had partial paralysis of the back legs, but in the beginning he could walk. He gradually lost the use of the legs completely and became totally incontinent. He LOVED food and would bark for his food bowl to be filled every morning and night. He was the only of my dogs with the patience to solve the tug a jug He had a stroller and liked to go into it for walks.

He got much sicker in November, more then 2 years after we brought him home and the vet said he was in liver failure so we had to say goodbye
Dr. Zira-In- Memory

Welcome to the- planet of the- monkey dogs
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 3:32am PST 
This is Dr. Zira we got her 2 years ago when she was 9 from a lady with about a 100 dogs. She had fleas and early stage renal disease, though subsequent bloodwork has been normal. She is a very shy girl and prefers to stay at home, she was Bingo's best friend. She turned 12 in december so not super old for a tiny dog, but not young

Multo en Parvo-A- lot in a little!
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 3:34am PST 
This is Tubby my first dog and my total Baby he will be 10 March 29, I dont think thats super old. He is active and loves walks and still likes to play. On a pug meetup about 2 years ago he walked farther then the young pugs. He likes the dog park and runs and races with much bigger and younger dogs. He had a mast cell tumor removed in December but they got it all so we are hopeful he will be fine. His oncologist gave him a very positive prognosis and said many pugs never see another and go on too live into their teens and succumb to something else. Still it freaked me out, he is my baby

A mutt is the- stuff of dogness
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 3:36am PST 
This Norbert he will be 9 in july so not super old but not young for a big dog. He is a mix of something and we are not sure what, perhaps pointer mix? He is a big boy and loves his family but is a little cautious with strangers. He loves to walk and play and wrestle with hsi 4 year old brother Bob. He is in great health and everyone is shocked by his age

My little dog-a- heartbeat at my- feet
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 3:37am PST 
This is Ping and she will be 8 in May, not super old but with her hair you can really see the grey. She is very sweet and loves to walk and run around but is not into toys. She hasnt slowed down much at all and is in good shape.

So I only have one youngster-4 year old Bob (he will be 4 in April) but I have a home of pretty active seniors

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 6:57am PST 
This is Sanka. I got him as a pup. A man's dog had gotten pregnant and he was just trying to get rid of the pups. So I got Sanka for free. All the puppies greeted me out front when I arrived, but Sanka was the only one who couldn't figure out how to get out of the garage.laugh out loud

Sanka is 11 years old. He still runs with me when I rollerblade. He still goes on hikes. He's still in great shape! He's lazy around the house, but as soon as you open the door, he's ready to go.snoopy
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