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Shih Tzu Weight

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Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 6:42pm PST 
My purebred shih tzu puppy Winston is getting so big so fast! He is 7-8 lbs and only 3 months old. His mom was relatively large, probably near 16 lbs, maybe more. I am wondering if anyone else has a larger shih tzu and how much they weighed around 3 months and how big they are now. Thanks!

I iz a special- puppy :)
Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 6:57pm PST 
Gizmo was probably that big & now he weighs around 18 lbs, he is oversized, bad breeding frown He is just taller and a bit lankier than most shihs, but he is just as happy as if he was regular sized laugh out loud & we love him all the same!!

Muffin Lips.
Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 7:16pm PST 
We were certain Gunth was going to be enormous. At about 3 months he weighed eight or nine lbs. but now at 9 months he's about 15. Which is normal. I must say, Gizmo looks like a mix to me! His face doesn't look much like a Shih Tzu at all. That would explain his longer legs and heavier body as well.