Merry Christmas! What Did Ya Get?

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too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Sat Dec 25, '10 1:41pm PST 
Hope all pups are safe & having a very Merry Christmas.
Squ'mey got a stuffless squirrel, an indestructible ball, kong tennis ball & a chuckit flying disc.smile
Wiley got a squeaky skunk & a big treat ball. He has appropriated all 3 stuffies & was guarding them with gusto, so I had to take them away & redistribute them later.
Dinner cooking nowcloud 9

zombie killer
Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 12:12pm PST 
Omen got a tirebiterbone filled with duck jerky from his 'grandma'

santa brought him a stocking full of cheap squeeky toys to destroy (fav hobby)

mom and dad got him a squeeky bone that says 'cookie tester'

and his 'aunt' spoiled him with a stuffed bear with rope legs and rubber feet

AKA Baby Face
Barked: Thu Dec 30, '10 9:21am PST 
everyone got a little something. A x-large rope tug, a couple of chew raw hides, a retractable leash with a light, and a bully stick.
Dieta liked helping me unwrap my presents the most, the tearing of paper made her day. smiledog
Happy New Year everyone

Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Tue Jan 4, '11 2:21pm PST 
Charks got some chewies and a week at her favorite daycare laugh out loud She is one tired pup. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year pups and peeps!
Moxie - my precious- angel - 1

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Barked: Sat Jan 8, '11 10:59pm PST 
Moxie got a Skineez stuffless fox. She already demolished it and pulled out the squeeker.

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Barked: Tue Feb 1, '11 8:46am PST 
Kaiser got some treats and a ball. He enjoys wining round the house with the ball in his mouth. laugh out loud All your things look great!