Dogs best for cold climates?

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Barked: Sun Dec 19, '10 4:47pm PST 
So, last month the fiance found out where he`ll be getting stationed to next. Idaho. Although I`m very greatful he won`t be going overseas, I`m not to fond of that cold!
Anyhow, It was decided that in about another year, when I move in with him, that we would get another dog. However of course we didn`t want to begin breed searching untill we knew around where we would be living.
Of course, like most guys, he want`s a 'macho' looking dog. He is incredibly fond of Kangals, however its deffinately not the type of temperment we need. He also likes irish wolfhounds. A breed I`ve always been fond of, too, and it`d make for a nice running partner for him now and then. Burnese mountian dogs are on our list as well.
While we bothe agree that huskies and malamutes are beautiful, wonderful dogs. Its just not a breed that matches eaither of us.

With Caddy, we love her so much because she is a bit of everything! She LOVES kids (which is good considering we`ll be having some one day)And gets along great with other people,dogs,cats,and small animals. And yet shes slowly begenning to become protective over the property as she gets older. A trait we enjoy about her.

I simply just suggested that we get another belgian, and that would be that.
Though, he wants a 'different breed'
He also not fond of spitz-looking breeds (unfortunately)

Weather we plan to adopt or go to a breeder hasen`t beed decided yet. We`d like to just get it narrowed down to a few breeds first. =]
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Barked: Sun Dec 19, '10 6:40pm PST 
I like the Bernese Mountain Dog. That way if you have kids they can pull them on a sled in the winter!! big grin
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Barked: Sun Dec 19, '10 8:22pm PST 
Most retrievers are pretty inpervious to cold- they had to jump into icy water after ducks, after all. Labrador, Golden, Chessie, Toller, etc. Poodles do fine in snow too if you let them grow a big fleecy coat! And the spaniels tend to have plenty of coat too.

Most herding breeds (at least the European ones) are quite cold tolerant too- you'd know, with a Belgian. Same for Collie-type breeds, like Aussies, Borders, etc. Corgies in snow are adorable. cloud 9

The Berner would be good... have you considered the St. Bernard and Newf, too? (If you're into giant, fluffy dogs.)

I'd say any breed with a full, double coat will be comfortable in snow. And even some that don't, if they have warm shelter and don't have to stay out long. There are now MANY sled dog kennels with German Shorthair Pointers, not a typical "snow dog" breed, but they have such a high metabolism they are excellent for short sprint races.

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Barked: Sun Dec 19, '10 8:26pm PST 
Great pyrenees love the cold! as do aussies and collies. all mine are in heaven in the snow! the only problem i have with the bernese mountain dog is that they are pretty unhealthy dog..we researched them when we were looking for our next addition in 4 yrs..and most rescues are from BYB'S so they can have a lot of health problems. so if you were to get a berner i'd go with a very good breeder.

Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 2:51am PST 
We`ve considered borders, however with all the small animals we`ll be having around the house I`m not too sure they would be a good choice. (We`re already making arrangements with a breeder for two pet skunks!) Then again, many people could probably say the same thing about belgians and yet Caddy is wonderful when it comes to small animals!
I just had to laugh when he asked me 'How about a Lassie dog?' (Hes learning.) Which, in all, dosen`t seem to bad of a choice. They fair well in cold, and seem less 'high-strung' then borders. (Atleast from my personal experience.) And seem great around kids. Just TONS of grooming though.

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Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 3:23am PST 
My vote would be for the Bernese Mountain dog. Info from my breed match with Tiller:

"Here are two other breeds that seem to me to be
particularly worth noting, but do fall into the realm of some of your "issues." For the BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG, it is shedding. Some individuals drool, but it is not uniform to the breed and depends on their structure. Non drooling parents are apt to have non drooling offspring. The Berner is a very sweet, giving and loyal dog with a heart of extreme kindness. Like the Spoo, he is needy, but UNlike the Spoo, he is not pushy about it. They require devoted owners who give them much time and attention, but if this is fulfilled, it is a lesser demanding breed, for all a Berner wants is to be WITH his people. Some indeed, for those who love to train them, can find them lazy and not the most motivated dog in the world....they are a steady, even and at times even coasting animal who thrives on companionship and belonging to a family. Not only are they socially inclined when well socialized (and the timidity trend avoided....you must know the dog's lines), but they seem naturally drawn to the weak, the sad, the lonely. A cheerful and very soft hearted dog. Who cares about the hair? They also....duh....are exquisitely beautiful, and people tend to be extremely responsive to them."

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Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 5:49am PST 
Labs do good in cold weather, Sophie will swim in water with big ice chunks in it and love it. She prefers colder weather and loves the snow. Low grooming, just brush once or twice a week.

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Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 9:51am PST 
Actually Caddy, from what i've heard Rough Collie's don't need excessive grooming. I know a fellow dog walker who has an 8 year old tri colour male and he said grooming is pretty straight forward and he only gives him a quick brush through every other day or so. They're very loyal and fantastic with kids.
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Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 10:11am PST 
Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernards love the cold/snow! I believe Newfies and Leonbergers love the colder climates as well. blue dog

Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 4:48pm PST 
what do you think of Smooth Collies? ("Lassies" are the Rough variety). They still shed, but you don't need to brush them as much. And it's a nice double coat like a German Shepherd's, so they're quite cold-tolerant. Temperament should be the same as the Rough, if you like the sound of it.
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