What does it mean when a dog humps his/her toys?

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I've seen Gracie do this several times already with her stuffed tiger, and I was just wondering why dogs do this. I know that when dogs hump each other, they're either mating or establishing dominance. But when a dog humps a toy, what does that mean? I think Gracie does it because she just really likes that particular toy. But, I don't know for sure. Could the fact that she's not spayed have anything to do with it?

What does everyone else think?

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"when dogs hump each other, they're either mating or establishing dominance"

LOL I think it is not quite that simple smile

I think that humping her stuffed animal is probably a self-soothing, self-gratifying behavior.

ETA oh and BTW you are TOO cute cloud 9

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Luka used to do this often but I have now only seen her do it once in the past 3 months. When I saw her do it, I would just take the toy away (she would get VERY confused) and ignore her for 2 minutes or so. Then I would give it back. If she started again, I would take it away again. After a while, I think she realized "huh.. if I do this behavior, my toy gets taken away".. and she rarely does it now, if ever!

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... It means it's time to get them fixed.

I've heard of puppies doing this around six months (the age when they begin to develop sexually). Usually they grow out of. I'm not sure exactly WHY they do it, I think it's one of those odd dog behaviors such a poop and grass eating.

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Uhmmm.. Dozer.
Spayed and Neutered pets hump and mount too. shrug It has nothing to do with sexual maturity.

Nare has been mounting Great Dane legs and pillows since he was 6 weeks. It's how they express excitement and sometimes relieve stress. And, naturally, a dominance thing as well.

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Sprite is neutered, and still does this once in a while with various pillows or rugs we have laying around. I don't really know why they do it..but it's definitely normal. If you don't want him doing it, take the toy - or whatever it his he's humping - away. I like Luka's idea smile
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Humping is most often a stress release behaviour. While neutered dogs can and do still hump, it is a sexual behaviour as well. It is not related to 'dominance'.
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I think it can be a stress release/ soothing behavior. Kit has been neutered since he was 7 months old (he's almost 2 now). He has this one toy that he humps...but he's only ever done it to this one particular stuffed animal. We call it his "wife", because he also licks and sucks on it's face and does this weird thing where he sucks on it and kneeds it with his front paws at the same time. shrug

For him, all that stuff, humping included, seems to be some kind of soothing/calming behavior for him. He most commonly does it at night, when we are all starting to calm things down and get ready to go to sleep. It doesn't bother me at all so I usually just let him do it, especially since he's always only done it to his one toy. If we have company or something, I'll usually put that toy away for awhile just to avoid any awkwardness.

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Lots of reasons... smile

Sometimes dogs just do it when they get too excited. Doesn't have to be in a sexual sense, either.

We've got 2 little girls here and one of them humps other dogs in the house, including our male dog..

If you don't like it, redirect it. wink

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Paris humps her "bobo" toy in the evening too. She is also spayed. Nicky is glad she is finally leaving his face alone!

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