Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?

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*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 9:49am PST 
can they?
Riley Star

The Life Of- Riley
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 9:54am PST 
Mine love them but the farts smell like straight up eggs. silenced

I prefer to give them raw eggs.

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 9:56am PST 
I've been considering cooking Samson's eggs as well, so that they'll keep a little longer, and I don't have to risk throwing out kibble if he decides not to eat all of it. He likes them fried, I know smile.


st. francis of- asses
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 10:18am PST 
My pups favorite topper on their kibble is scrambled eggs made with some shredded cheese in them!!!

Somewhere there- is something I- can eat..
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 2:10pm PST 
Max loves his scrambled eggs... I use water in them instead of milk since I drink Almond Milk, though. He doesn't seem to mind. smile
Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 7:59am PST 
Sandy loves scrambled eggs. I don't use milk in mine, either.

Warning, though, they give all my dogs really bad gas. confused

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 9:19am PST 
My dog eats eggs, fried and raw. He mostly gets raw eggs. I drop one in his bowl a couple of times a week. Other times I will give him some of my fried eggs. I prefer fried eggs over scrambled.

They are suppose to be good for the coat and a good source of protein. Makes a nice mixer for kibble.

45 Mile Per Hour- Couch Potato
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 10:31am PST 
Zoie gets eggs sometimes for breakfast on the weekends when my husband cooks them. Eggs are a natural protein source that helps your dogs skin and coat look good. A lot of dog food brands use egg protein in their formulas.

little little
Barked: Mon Oct 11, '10 10:40am PST 
Grandma saves all her egg yolks for Coco for when she comes over to visit, she loves them !!!!smile

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 10:09pm PST 
The dogs here love them. I don't add milk to their scrambled eggs like I do mine of course. Unless a dog has an allergy to eggs I don't see how it would be a problem for them to eat scrambled eggs.

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