How long will I cry everyday and when will it get easier to be without Tyler

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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R.I.P. Tyler..- Life of the- house
Barked: Fri Oct 8, '10 7:15pm PST 
It has been 2 months since we lost Tyler to Cancer and I still cry everyday. I am so depressed I have shut my family out and do not want to do anything. How long does it take to get back to normal? For 3 months I would take Tyler to University of Tennessee Vet hospital for chemo and check ups I gave him his meds everday and was up all night with him I slept in the floor with him his last night with me because he was not able to jump up on the bed. now that he is gone I feel lost and I want him back so bad I can't stand it. I hope someone can tell me when it gets better. I have an appointment with Pause it is grief counseling for clients of UT that has lost pets. Thank you for letting me vent.

Barked: Sat Oct 9, '10 12:33am PST 
i lost my baby just 5 days ago..at least you wanna go back to normal i believe thats an improvement for you. so dont worry.. but for me life is here and there is no normality anymore. i got married 3 months ago with the man i loved. i dont even go to home.. i dont think i will be old me.. dont want to be..

Cuddly and soft
Barked: Sat Oct 9, '10 1:32am PST 
When i lost my Ridgeback i took 3 days of work and cried for days ,i would go past his food bowl and cry or i would see someting of his and get upset it doe's take time i'll never forget him.
Take care i hope the pain lessens for you over time.


I am the Keeper
Barked: Sat Oct 9, '10 4:34pm PST 
its been 26 years sence I came to the bridge, I lost a battle with cancer too
mom still cries sometimes.
there is no "set " time for grief. or no magic words to heal the hurt

do you have any other fur babies now?

not trying to rush, and no pup can replace Tyler, but puppy kisses do wonders for healing the soul.
and Tyler doesnt want to see you hurt and lonely.
Bear and- Bambi - Mommys- Angels

My Sweet Angels
Barked: Sat Oct 9, '10 7:08pm PST 
It has been almost 3 yrs since we came to the bridge. Mommy was very depressed and sad for a long time, she cried ALOT and kind of went into a "shell"....It is different for everyone, but it will get better. Mommy found that making a scrapbook of us made her feel better. While making it she would laugh, cry, smile, cry some more. She also joined a group here on dogster : Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies, this is an absolutly wonderful group! Everyone there knows how our pawrents feel and are always ready to help.

I also agree with Alice, puppy kisses do a soul good. If you do not feel you are ready, then do not get a pup. Cry all you want and greive...all our pawrents have done it. Our Mommy still cries at certain times, it never truly goes away, just gets a little easier.
Snoopy Doo- Stewart

Gone, but not- forgotten. Rest- In Peace.
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 12:15am PST 
I know exactly how you feel.. We just lost Snoopy to a car accident on friday October 8th... The pain and the mental images are still so fresh.. I cry no... sob everyday. Snoopy was my baby boy. I had always wanted a Chihuahua and my parents got him for me for christimas three years ago, and literally it was love at first site. As far as I'm conserned, he was my child. I had became a mommy at 17 years old in highschool.. and then Friday he was taken from me, by a man who doesn;t care about animals or people. He saw Snoop and hit him anyway.. And just kepy going just like he was a peice of litter or trash in the road.. I'll be praying that the Lord brings peace to your heart about Tyler... Pray for my family also.

Snoopy, Rosey, and Kateigh's mom,

Darci Stewart

I am the Keeper
Barked: Sun Oct 10, '10 4:10pm PST 
dear snoopy, I am so sorry you came to the bridge so suddenly.
angel feather kisses to all who loved you
"Angel"- Rosie

Rosie - World Class- Chewer
Barked: Fri Nov 26, '10 1:28am PST 
My Rosie died almost 3 weeks ago and I cry every single day. I think everyone is different in how they grieve. Please take as long as you need as you have lost a very loving and loyal friend. I am heartbroken over the loss of Rosie and can't imagine my life without her in it.

Thinking of you at this sad time
Rosie's mum
~Angel (RIP- 11/20/07)~

Busy sprinkling- angel dust all- day
Barked: Sat Nov 27, '10 8:00am PST 
hug I am so sorry for your loss. My Angel has been gone three years and I still cry sometimes. It is hard for some people to understand, but these are our babies and it hurts when they are gone. I do not think there is a timetable for grief. You just take it one day at a time. I live alone and couldn't take how empty the place was without Angel so I adopted my Sophie 3 weeks later. I know that is not the answer for everyone but I wouldn't have made it without her. If you are not ready to adopt, maybe do something in Tyler's memory like volunteer with a rescue group or shelter...I work with Angel's rescue sometimes in her memory and it does help.
Bingo-In- Memory

Appreciate the- small things
Barked: Tue Nov 30, '10 5:46pm PST 
I am very sorry for your loss. Try to focus on the wonderful life Tyler had and the good time. REmember he would want you to enjoy your life and to be happy. Im sure someday, when you are ready, he would want you to welcome another dog into your life nad give that dog a wonderful life like you did for him
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