Irritated...children in dog parks?

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The handsomest- boy around!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:46pm PST 
I took Scooter to the dog park today. He's been there twice before and he's fine. His recall is actually really great and he loves the other dogs so I was looking forward to today.

I was there with him and there were probably about eight or nine other dogs who were all fairly large. They were playing and getting along well. I decided that I'd run around the perimeter of the area with Scooter following me so he could run a bit. When I got to the corner, where it was pretty empty of dogs, I saw a couple and their toddler walk through the gate. I got distracted by Scooter barking at a squirrel so I didn't immediately notice that they didn't have a dog with them.

About 5 minutes later I'm sitting on a bench with Scooter next to me, and I'm seeing this guy who was there with his Aussie start talking to the father of the toddler (the one's without the dog). I couldn't hear them, but I was watching the little girl and her mom, who was apparently very busy checking her phone. The little girl who was maybe four or three started screaming at something (I have no idea what) and the other guy's Aussie ran over to the girl and I guess he ran into her because she fell over.

Now, this all happened in a matter of moments and then suddenly the mother of the toddler was freaking out, screaming and picking up her daughter. I jogged over to see if I could help or whatever, and the little girl started crying (probably because at this point her mom was flipping out too). I sat down with the mother and I saw the little girl had no marks and she wasn't bitten. I suppose she was just knocked over by the dog.

As I left, I heard the father fighting with the Aussie's owner (verbal only). I wasn't listening to their conversation because I was personally freaked out.

I don't think it is right that you can bring your toddler to the dog park if you don't have a dog. It's not safe. Why put your child or someone else's dog in that position?

I was kind of shaken and scared, things could have escalated a lot more.

Whew that was a lot of writing! Sorry guys!

st. francis of- asses
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:51pm PST 
Scooter, I understand what you are saying. We do drive by's now at our local park now to see if there are kids there. Last weekend there were at least 9 kids under the age of 5 there, chasing the dogs, running and screaming. We had to leave because Harlow doesn't like kids, they make her nervous, so she just stood next to me. She didn't play the entire time we were there, it was such a waste. now we look first before we go in and if they show up, we leave. It is a DOG park, not a childrens park, leave the kids at home!!

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:57pm PST 
I totally agree. Our dog park is pretty new, so people aren't aware of the rules. What bugs me is that there is a sign outside the fence that clearly states "No children under 12 allowed inside dog park". I told someone the other day that children weren't allowed and that the sign said so. I am always on the small dog side, so I have decided that I will continue pointing it out on that side. I figure it's up to the people on the big dog side to say something to the people with kids there. I am very much afraid that some kid is going to get hurtcry


woof softly and- carry a big- stick
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:58pm PST 
Yesterday was the first time I'd ever brought Twister to a dog park and I noticed a sign on the entrance with the park rules. One of the rules was "no children under the age of 10". I assume that means with or without a dog. I know every dog park probably has different rules, but that one there seemed like one every dog park should have. Dog parks are not child friendly.

Of course that scenario would have turned out differently had the parents been behaving responsibly by watching their child closely(the mom could have blocked the dog had she been watching).

One of a kind,- that dog of- mine!
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 4:59pm PST 
Young children in dog parks should be forbidden. If you don't have a dog, then what are you doing there? If the kids need exercise, take them to parks made for CHILDREN. Somebody could get hurt-there could be dogs that don't like kids, or, in the case of the Aussie, just a big, friendly dog that could knock them over.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 5:08pm PST 
I am glad I don't have dogs that are bouncy or react to kids.

That being said, our parks technically are not supposed to have kids under 12, no one under 16 without a parent. Of course, no one wants to pay attention to the rules. They do however want to get upset at dog owners following the rules.

Personally, the law (where I live) would be on the side of the dog owner if the dog wasn't aggressive, like if it accidentally knocked a kid over. That being said, it really isn't fair to dogs who don't live around or like kids, the park is a place just for them to relax and play.

Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 5:13pm PST 
laugh out loud Ahhh, my favorite subject and big pet peeve, small children at the dog park.

1-Don't let your child make a muddy mess at the pools. It's for the dogs, not them.
2-If you run with the big dogs, expect to get flattened when they don't see you.
3-Don't chase my dog with a stick-it scares her.
4-Don't run barefoot or lay in the grass. Dogs have peed & pooed on every square inch of the park.
5-Don't bring a stuffie that you like. The dogs will like it, as well.
6-Don't try to play catch, football, or Frisbee-the dogs think your chasing them to get it back is a great game.
7-My dog is not allowed on a playground, so please keep the children out of hers.

OK, rant over.........

My, what big- ears you have
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 5:19pm PST 
I was JUST about to post about this. Perfect timing wink I was talking with a dog owner and a dog walker at the park (regular, leashed one) the other day, and they got to talking about the dog parks around here. Apparently there's a lady who frequents it (another dog walker) and kinda polices it.

Anyway, two scenarios they discussed:
1) Man tries to bring his NEWBORN baby into the dog park. She told him that was a really bad idea. The people who told me about this (that I mentioned above) were saying it was FINE and he should be allowed in. Now I happen to know more than one dog who will jump on people carrying things at the dog park here. A BABY? What if they knocked it out of his arms? OhmyDOG! Personally, if someone brought a baby into a dog park I'd get out of there immediately. I've seen some extreme pack mentality there before, and I don't want to think about what might happen if a dog knocked the baby out of his arms and they all went for it. Not likely, I know, but that's your KID! Protect it. shock

2) A guy brought his puppy in with a choke chain and she told him they aren't allowed and they're dangerous because his dog could be choked. And also they shouldn't be on puppies.

Both the people I was talking to seemed to be of the opinion that she shouldn't be making comments to people/it was their business. IMO, it's a matter of safety, both for the dogs and the people. I was kinda at a loss for words that you'd defend the people putting their children/pets at risk with the argument that it's THEIR kids. If I see a kid/dog standing in the middle of the road, I'm going to get them off it first and ask questions later. I'm not going to hem and haw about whether it was the parents/owners decision to put them there and I'm infringing on their rights to raise their kids/own their dog.

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 5:20pm PST 
I have to agree. Kids under the age of 10 should not be at a dog park. Personally as a parent I would never take my youngest with me when we go. Heck I just started to let my 11 year old come with me. (He knows how to act around all dogs big or small, but knows he still must stay close to me while we are there.) But no way would I bring my 7 year old. That is just asking for an injury to happen. Dog parks are for dogs to play at not young children. It ticks me off to no end when I see someone not only bring young children in but also strollers. I don't think there is a an age limit at the park we go to, but it is just plain common sense not to bring a young child around a bunch of large dogs that are running around.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 5:20pm PST 
Why are they there if they don't have a dog?? That's kind of creepy. I went to a dog park once before I got Nicky, but I was with a friend who had a dog at least. No small children should be allowed at dog parks. They entered at their own risk, and sadly the child payed for their poor judgment.
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