This is silly, but What is Your Little Dog's Color?

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My head is- broken, not my- heart!!
Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 10:48am PST 
All of my animals have a color that is theirs and all of their products/accessories I purchase in that color. However, Sassy is the only one who I get clothing for (sweatshirts and stuff...it's a cold world for a wee dog!), so she really gets to wear her color! I tend to by all her things in PINK...which I know is pretty cliche, but it matches her pink nose and really just is her color.

SO do you have a color for your little ones? I just think this is fun because a lot of people I've met do end up getting things of a particular color scheme for their dogs!

...And my big dog Tyson is red, and my cat Attila gets royal purple.

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 11:06am PST 
I do tend to colour coordinate the dogs items but i've calmed down alot recently. Missy generally gets things in pink although i'm sure if she had a choice that would be her least favourite colour, she's a total tomboy laugh out loud Ty is generally blue.

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Spoiled little- Princess
Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 11:09am PST 
Coco's is pink and brown since she is brown and then when she came to us she had a pink collar on, and ever since then it's been pink and brown!cheer

Maxwell Smart

The dog park toy- thief!
Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 7:49pm PST 
Max is black, white and brown, so I try not to put him in those colours. I like him in blues and greens. His collar is striped blue, green and orange as is his leash. He has a blue shirt that says "bitches love me" and a green bomber jacket. He has two blue bandanas.
Becky RNCL

My Hat is Two- Sharks
Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 8:43pm PST 
Well I don't have little dogs but they do have colours! Becky's is red, cause it looks good on her. I used to try to make her wear pink, but she's not girly enough smile Marlo's used to be blue to go with the red, but it just didn't look that great on him so now his colour is orange or brown/tan. Dolly is pink all the way! Although I have had people ask me, while she's wearing pink collar, pink shirt, pink leash and pink toenails, if she's a girl...thinking

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Sun Sep 19, '10 8:44pm PST 
Nicky: black, white & red. His collar is black and white checkered. His tag, harness, leash and toys are red. He did have a checkered leash to match the collar, but they are made out of cloth, not nylon, so it didn't last long frown I'm trying to find a nylon replacement for his collar and hopefully a leash, but no such luck yet.

Paris: pink and girly, of course! She has a purple fuzzy "princess" coat that is my favorite of hers because she looks really good in that color.

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Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Sep 20, '10 8:42am PST 
First I was going green because that's my favorite colour but then everyone thought she was a boy! People even thought her name was "Dewel"! So I was going to switch to purple but I couldn't find anything purple...I was getting frustrated. So now she's pink...and I'm a bit sad because I'm not a fan of pink.
Midnight:- 1995-2009

the brightest- star at- Midnight!
Barked: Mon Sep 20, '10 9:15am PST 
My dogs have colors too!

Charley is blue

Izzie is a burnt orange color (look at her pics)

When I had Midnight she went between to pink and purple. Her last collar was pink with hearts on it.
Dublin Rose O'Belle

Sugar Baby!
Barked: Mon Sep 20, '10 9:26am PST 
We like red, but our little dog is a rusty red color, so we pick green or bright blue now when we want to coordinate!

Muffin Lips.
Barked: Mon Sep 20, '10 9:29am PST 
Gunther is black and white, so he always wears black or red. big grin
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