If You Need Us- We Will Always Be Here!

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


My Strong Boy
Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 6:15pm PST 
Hello furriends!

We want to take this oppertunity to offer you our support. We are the staff administrators of ~Always in Our Hearts~ or AOH and it focuses on remembering lost loved ones while still having fun.

Before you click out of this thread thinking I am just promoting my group, please hear my story and what I have to say.

I made this group while all of my animals were still present and living solely because of the joy I get out of helping others. Little did I know that less than a month after starting the group that I would need it myself. We lost our shih tzu, Angel to cancer that had gone misdiagnosed up until the day we let him go to the rainbow bridge.

AOH does SO many fun activities and we want to hear about you and your pets! We really love helping people and we would be honored to have you and your family in our group.

Along with passed away pets, we also support lost pets and provide hope and help in any way we can, for their safe return home.

Even if your pet is not passed away, you should still come stop by AOH. We have tons of members there who are not passed away. It's a fun group for all.

Please come check us out, it would mean a lot to us!
If you need help joining, you can email us anytime!
You can also find our thread in catster forums! smile

Thanks So Much For Reading.
Loves & Hugs to all.
- Angel. Koby. Jaz. Kenna. Nakota. (the AOH staff)
-- and mom, Autumn--

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Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 4:00pm PST 
Thanks so much for the invite, Autumn. I myself fortunately have not had a pet cross the bridge yet, and I hope they won't for a very very long time, but I have had to let go of 3 fosters to furever homes which was depressing enough as it was, I could not imagine how I'd be when it's my own babies' time to go to the bridge. A few months ago my stepdog passed away and I was really upset and depressed over that too.
Angel *RIP- My Sweet- Prince*

My Sweet Little- Prince
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 8:27pm PST 
Thank you for responding Yoshi! We would LOVE to have you join AOH, even if you are not passed away, we welcome you! We will send invites to your whole family! If you join we will be SO happy! wink

See You Soon!
- Angel. Koby. Jaz. Kenna. Nakota. (the AOH staff)