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Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 9:13am PST 
Some of you may have seen my story in Raw Feeding. Basically I am a Lab who has an indulgent Mama who was WAY overfeeding me. Mama has decided to post my progress here, week by week. Though I am a raw eater, this is a larger health concern, so we came here. Other pups with an excess of baggage are welcome to post - both their mistakes and successes. And those of you who had better sense than to get fat in the first place...Tell us your best tips! We want to hear from you too!
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 9:15am PST 
My first week...

Here I am at the pond during my swimming exercise. I have been exercising for about 3 weeks, but only cut back on the food a week ago.

My chest measures 40 inches and that section I like to call a waist is 36 inches. I stand 27 inches tall at the withers. We don't currently know how much I weigh, but are more concerned with physique. (and about time!)

Savvy - Week One

Can I chase it?!
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 9:25am PST 
Good for you for getting your dog healthy! Misty and Cooper are both at decent weights right now, but when Cassie was still alive she had a weight problem for years. I was raised with the old school state of mind that all dog food is the same, and she was free fed most of her life. We live in the country, and most people out here (including my parents) believe that dogs with yards don't need walks because they can run in the yard. I didn't start learning about the quality of different foods and the advantages of free feeding until we got Misty when Cassie was 7-years-old. Cassie went from 94.2lb to about 60 lbs! I believe the biggest help was scheduled feeding. I really wasn't sure how much Cassie was supposed to be eating. To figure out when she was actually hungry, I fed her something REALLY yummy for breakfast. Sometimes it was canned food, some times it was home made. Just something she really loved. At dinner, she got a smaller portion of dry kibble. After a few days she knew that the REALLY good stuff came in the morning, so at night she'd only eat until she wasn't hungry. I measured her night time meal before and after she ate to see exactly how much she needed, and then cut back on her evening meal until she ate it all. I'd also let her snack on green beans to help keep her full without adding a lot of calories. We did short walks a few times a day (we started out with 10-15 minutes since she was so out of shape and there are lots of hills here) and we gradually made them longer and longer. She loved it too!
Make sure no one else in the family is taking him off track though! At one point Cassie had stopped losing weight when she still had some extra baggage, and nothing seemed to help. Then one morning I walked past the kitchen and saw my mother pouring an ENTIRE pan of bacon grease over Cassie and Misty's food! I don't mind a table spoon OCCASIONALLY, but Mom makes bacon at least once a week, and she had been giving them the entire pan every time! shock
Good luck and I can't wait to see your results!


I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 10:17am PST 
Sassy, I love the photo journal idea. You're an inspiration. smile

We've never had any overweight dogs but this past winter we had 4 major snowstorms and if you look at Luna, she isn't exactly the move snow-bound dog.. so she stayed at home and those ounces do creep up! By the time spring rolled around the vet said Luna was 'round' and that she should lose half a pound. red face

(Half a pound is about 6% of her weight so it is 'a lot' to Luna.)

Just keep up the low impact exercise and the diet, and you'll start to see results. We took Luna's weight down in about a month and a half.

Im like velcro,- stuck to my- owner
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 10:23am PST 
Haylie is going for her first weigh in since I started the vut back on food and the increase of exercise, Im so excited to see how much weight she has lost in 2 weeks. The vet wants her to loose 10 pds! She weighed 99 at her last visit and he wants her at 90. She is a little chubby thanks to me starting a little home business of grain free dog treats red face She was an excellent taste tester!

We dont feed raw, I want to try it again sometime but right now its not an option but they do eat home cooked. Fred had horrible food agression and wouldnt eat the raw chicken and would just gaurd it and turned into cujo so for now thats on hold for my two.

I love the idea of taking pics! Im going to do that starting today! I also need to get her measurements - I was just going by weight - good idea!

Im glad we can all share our journey here!

Sun - 1.82 miles
Mon - 1.32 miles

My goal is 10 miles a week with her smile

Is that for me??
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 10:44am PST 
Moira has gained 5 pounds which is 15% of her weight due to reduced activity because I've had two limiting surgeries this year. We can now start to walk short distances. Moira has an arthritic hip, so the weight has to come off.

Taking measurements is a good idea. You can't see weight changes in Moira because of her long, full coat, plus she still has a small waistline. The excess seems to be over the ribs.

Count us in.

the australian- sheep(herd)
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 2:40pm PST 
Happy is another fatty. When he goes to the groomer, people's jaws drop and then they pretend that they didn't see anything. Yes, I know, he's fat. I'm not delusional, he's not just "fluffy" or "big boned."

But the problem is, he's been on a diet for years.(Supposedly.) He gets only two cups of dry dog food (and it's not a dense grain-free brand either) with about a half-cup of canned mixed in per day. Half a slice of bologna for bedtime snack, and that's it. It's mystifying. Someone is sneaking him treats, or he has some kind of metabolic disorder. He weighs about 90 lbs, and should be 50. Something's not right here...

I feel kinda bad about it, because I'm always telling people that I enjoy seeing thin, muscular, healthy dogs, and then have this lump in my home...

Maggie is getting fat also. She's my grandma's dog too, so I can't control her diet, but I try to drop hints and feed the dogs the proper amount before my grandma can rush in and overdo it. Half the time Maggie doesn't finish her meals, and my grandma gets worried- "Is she okay? Why isn't she eating?"- she's not eating because it's too much food... I;m sure that while I'm away my gram has gone back to giving her about 3 cups a day instead of two.

At least my personal dog, Bruno, is not getting chubby... I watch his weight like a hawk.
Leah, CGC

All the Beauty- with none of the- Brains
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 2:44pm PST 
"He gets only two cups of dry dog food (and it's not a dense grain-free brand either) with about a half-cup of canned mixed in per day"

This is more than my 60# dog gets a day so I think you could potentially still cut calories for your dog.

Check out this link to figure out the caloric needs of your pet - REMEMBER put in the weight you want to acheive NOT the weight you are!
Also consider medical reasons like hormonal and thyroid issues as a possible reason behind this. Lack of activity and increased caloric intake are usually the biggest offenders though! Caloric Calculator for dogs

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 2:46pm PST 
Happy, what food are you eating? That seems like a whole lot of food for a 50lb dog..

Lantis on dry food ate 2 cups of Orijen per day and he's 115lbs...

I have just met- you and I LOVE- you!
Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 5:52pm PST 
Happy, that's as much as Quincy, 75 pounds and super active, gets. You could still easilly cut that in half. AS for the pups, I keep mine in tip top shape. As for myself, well..... We're working on it wink As another tool, this is a great website to check out. Lots of helpful tips and tools. http://www.petobesityprevention.com/ best of luck, all!!!
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