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Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 6:14pm PST 
I know your not supposed to crate your dog more than 8 hours but has anyone ever crated their dog for 12hrs. A schedule change would involve having to crate our dog for 12hrs a day for 12 days because we dont have anyone who could let him out. Do you think he will be okay? He's a medium dog just under 60lbs.

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Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 6:27pm PST 
Have you considered doggy daycare?

Where\'s the- jumps?
Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 6:36pm PST 
That's a really long time for a dog to hold it, and to be without exercise/mental stimulation.

I second the doggie daycare option. Or could you hire a dog walker, or have a friend/family member take care of your dog for those 12 days?

Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 6:37pm PST 
I would be concerned about causing a urinary tract infection or kidney problems. 12 hours is a long time for a dog to hold it in. They can do it occasionally, but 12 hours a day for 12 days in a row would be very hard on the dog. Many Petsmarts have doggy daycare, there are also private businesses with day care, or see if you can find a friend or family member to come over and let the dog out for a little bit every day.

Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 10:07pm PST 
we would be gone 6pm -6am so doggy day camp wouldn't be an option b/c of the hours, we would have to board. We don't have any family or friends where we live that could help out. He usually sleeps most of the hours anyway that's why I wondered if it would be okay to just crate him. But I think we might just get one of those potty patches or something similar in case he has to go while we are gone so we dont have to lock him up or board him.

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Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 10:15pm PST 
During the night might be okay, if he normally sleeps most of those hours. I think it will still be hard on him (especially with no physical or mental stimulation), so just be sure you give him a lot of attention and exercise those other twelve hours. This is at least temporary, I am glad for that :3.

Wild Child
Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 1:17pm PST 
Instead of crating him, could you possible leave him in an xpen? 12 hours is a very long time. He needs to stand up and stretch for a few minutes.
Allee Oop!!!

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Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 2:25pm PST 
Yeah that is a bit long. Allee and Brodie are crated while we work so about 9 hrs and they are fine. I still feel guilty about that at times though.

My friend went to Florida and paid me to come in the morn and at night to let her dogs out to eat, play, and potty. So, they were in there for 12 hrs at a time each time. I think it would have been better if someone could have came 3 times at least...but it was just for 4 days.

Maybe you could put him in a small room? Laundry or bathroom?

Allee always holds her pee or poop so she's the one I feel bad for if we are gone any longer. But, Brodie has always went if he has too. My dogs are potty mat trained and my dachshie Bama is no longer crated.

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Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 3:34pm PST 
can you hire a pet sitter to come in and take him out for awhile during the day? you can go to NAPPS and put in your zipcde and find trustworthy professional pet sitters near you

45 Mile Per Hour- Couch Potato
Barked: Wed Jul 28, '10 4:28pm PST 
Bailey, I have crated my Greyhounds over the years at times and they have done fine as they prefer to not go in the place where they sleep. Greys are used to holding it during their racing years but this by no means means that I would do that to them regularly as it is not good for them in my opinion.

I have a friend who has had to leave her male dog alone for long hours for short durations and they found that belly bands work great.

Belly bands are designed to wrap around a male dog's body and cover his penis. It is a physical barrier between his urine and your furniture. A belly band is in fact a dog diaper.

Belly bands are not meant to be worn constantly, but rather as an aid when you want to allow your dog inside the house without the headache of keeping a constant eye on him making sure he doesn't pee on your furniture. You should remove the belly band when your dog has to relieve himself outside.

Older dogs often become incontinent and a belly band is an excellent method to prevent urine dribbles on your floor and carpet.

Belly Bands are made of a thick absorbent type of fabric, such as flannelette. They are wrapped around the dog and fastened by means of a velcro strip sewn at each end of the wrap. Usually a good fitting belly wrap requires no elastic and will stay in place quite well.

You can also use a self adhesive feminine pad or a incontinence pad inside the belly band. These will hold more urine than the belly band alone, and you won’t have to launder as often. Belly bands should be machine washable and reused as needed.
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