So a vet wanted $8,000.00 for surgery.. Is this right??

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Barked: Sun Jul 11, '10 4:54pm PST 
So my lil dog was hit by a car, his back legs crushed.
I dont fully know the exent of his injury--but the vet made no gaurantee and gave me an estimate of 8 grand.
I imagine ollie would have had those lil back legs braces with wheels. It was midnight, in a bad snow storm, and I had to chose what was best. in an agonizing move--I had to put ollie down. I creamated him and have his ashes here with me. I still question what I should have done. He was 1 year old, about 10 lb pug. I still feel so awful about this..

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Barked: Sun Jul 11, '10 5:05pm PST 
trust your heart, it seems you did the right thing to me
angel feather kisses to you

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Barked: Sun Jul 11, '10 9:38pm PST 
I am still stuck on the $8,000 quote from vet. This proves the point a vast majority of vets only care about money as I am sure materials for the surgery would cost maybe $1000 then the vets time and use of x-ray machines cannot possibly be $7,000. You made the right choice to have him put down. I would of done the same thing. If you do when the time is right get another pup, take him/her to a different vet.

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Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 12:47am PST 

I would have done the same. little angel

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Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 2:41am PST 
Years ago my cat got run over too and her back legs were crushed too the vet said there was no gaurentee that surgery would work and she could of injured her spine as well. I put her down too it was a hard and painful choice i had to make she was cremated as well. $8,000 is rediculus price and they cant gaurentee that everything will be ok either ,you did the right thing.

Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 5:41am PST 
I had a dog hit 15 years ago when my son left the yard gate open while mowing the yard. The surgery was $3500 to fix her with no guarantees.

She is still running around, and is strong and healthy, out living all of her siblings. She has artificial joints, and they have never given her a moment of arthritis, which plagued all of her siblings. I gulped at the costs at the time, but in the long run, it was definitely worth it. (as it worked out) But as you say, there are no guarantees, and I gambled and won)
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Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 6:18am PST 
You absolutely did the right thing sweetie. That's a very serious injury with few guarantees that all of the problems would have been fixed. I live in Maryland too and the vet prices are starting to get insane around here!

Very sorry for your loss. hughug

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Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 6:22am PST 
Of course it depends on the severity of the injuries, but if they were, as you said, "crushed", it's more than a simple bone break.

If you're talking about multiple fractures, breaks, and nerve damage, I could see how surgery could be close to $8,000 and how it could not be guaranteed. Injuries like this never are.

A person I knew had a cat who jumped out their Manhattan highrise after a bird and broke its front leg to pieces. It wasn't crushed but it was fractured multiple times.

They had the cat mended up but for whatever reason the surgery failed and they ended up having to amputate the front leg.

Either way, you did what you thought was best for your pup. hug
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Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 8:39am PST 
I wonder if the vet meant that the whole recovery would likely cost $8,000? I could almost see that. Crushed legs is severe and would likely require several surgeries, hospitalization, physical therapy, etc.

I think you did the right thing, you kept Peanut from pain, which is very important. She is now happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Barked: Mon Jul 12, '10 8:52am PST 
I think you did the right thingfrown However, Shadow has hip dysplasia and my vet did quote me $8000/side for hip replacements - so it may not have been too far off???
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