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Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 2:25pm PST 
So Bella and I strolled into our local PetSmart...and almost instantly was cornered by a Hills/Science Diet sales rep. I told her Bella is on a high quality kibble Blue Buffalo and Castor & Pollux.
This rep opened up on me like WW3 was about to take place...she was shooting holes all over BB being Holistic and it's impossable, and it's not tested or approved like Science Diet. She said BB and C&P had too much protein and it was bad for a non-working dog. She said "corn" was a excellent source of protein.
She also pointed out the BB even mentions on it's bag no dogs have been observed eating the product.(confused on that one).
She then told me that > every large container/shipment of chicken/beef etc meal/byproduct is tested and examined...AND...any shipment rejected by Hills is then accepted by BB!
She put down BB for being "too new" to know what they're doing with pet food > unlike Hills/Science Diet.
This rep was shooting holes in BB like it was poison and the consumer was being lied to via marketing hype. I replied > "I've NEVER once viewed a TV commercial or a magazine article about BB." unlike Hills-Science Diet.
This attack on BB and other high quality foods went on for a good 20 minutes, I was like > eek

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 2:28pm PST 
You sure are patient! I would've just walked away.. BOL.

We've only once been approached by a rep, and she was a pretty honest rep I guess.. she was a rep for Merrick. When she asked what we currently fed I said (at the time) "Orijen". She just said, "Oh, okay, good choice" and went on her way.

Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 2:36pm PST 
I would've told em' what crap Hills is.
My grandma's dog was on it and the second I found out I made her switch.

Ava, NTD

Miss Ava Roo
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 2:49pm PST 
Ha, that's hilarious! Poor angry little guy xD

We've only ever met Blue Buffalo reps at petstores. I didn't even know that SD had reps, especially considering most vets that they train are essentially reps for that crap...
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 2:52pm PST 
Other techs I work with even believe that hooey about corn. Whenever it comes up I always reply that "well, I can sure tell it provides a lot of nutrients, seeing as how it comes back out pretty much unchanged from its original form." wink

Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 5:42pm PST 
BTW...the Hills rep gave me a 8 page booklet titled The Simple Truth about Pet Nutrition > it pretty much contains MYTH & FACT info regarding-

1) Many by-products are excellent source of nutrients for pets. With extremely rare exceptions all pet foods contain by-products.

2) Meat first foods is NOT the only source of protein >other ingredients like corn can provide it as well.

3) Grain free pet foods are not better >there is no nutritional foundation to support a grain-free diet.

4) More protein is not better > Animals cannot store protein, excess protein forces the kidneys to work harder when they have to convert it to waste, which is excreted in urine.

5) Dogs are NOT carnivores but omnivores and need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, grains.

6)Cooked corn is highly digestible for your pet and a excellent source of protein.

"today Hills has over 150 veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and food scientists working to ensure out pet food is only of the highest quality"

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Mystique- 'Tiki'

Wooo Awooo!
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 5:50pm PST 
big laughbig laughbig laugh {--- This is what I would have been doing if they had said that crap to me.. I probably would have been on the floor literally laughing and wiping tears. CORN as protein??? Seriously???? Then I guess a steak could be considered veggies, I mean.. the cow eats veggies right? so there ya go!

**rolls eyes** You have more patience then me. I would've told them where to stick it and walked away.. BOL!

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 5:52pm PST 
BOL Bella.. I love those pamphlets. We have a pamphlet about 10 years old from Nutro when we first brought Lantis, I found it the other day in Lantis' files and was reading through it and I cannot BELIEVE some of the blatant lies that is written with such authority! In this Nutro pamphlet (a New Puppy guide, but with a big food section) it said to "expect" small dogs to be "snappish" and a bunch of other BS.. shrug

Boomer Did It
Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 5:56pm PST 
When she said that no dog was observed eating the product, she was probably referring to the AAFCO statement on the side/back of the bag.

There are generally 2 types of AAFCO statements. The first says something like "this food meets aafco standards of nutrition" meaning that on paper, all nutritional standards are met.

Then, there's the second (that Hills loves to promote) that not only does it meet the standards on paper, but the food's been tested on dogs during a food trial and the trial had good results.

Puppy Prodigy

Barked: Sat Jun 12, '10 6:09pm PST 
Oh my oh my....try telling a rep that you feed prey-model raw smile.

I used to groom at PetSmart and had lunch break with the reps on the weekends, I learned pretty quickly to just tell them I was satisfied with my current food and change the topic to college basketball BOL!
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