Mommy and Daddy are leaving me =(

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Barked: Thu Jun 10, '10 9:35pm PST 
For 10 days! They are getting married on saturday and going to Jamaica and they are dropping me off tomorrow! How rude seriously! I have never been in one of these boarding places. Mom insists it looks nice and that grandpa did work over there and saw how they were behind the scenes and said its clean and friendly but how can they do this to me! Mom keeps looking at me all worried and says she will miss me so much, if she loved me she wouldnt take me to a strange place to stay. Mom says my cage is big and I have a doggy door to look outside and that 4 times a day for 15-20 minutes they take me out for a run and potty break. I guess that sounds cool, ill see dogs next door to me but wont be able to play with them and Grandma and Grandpa might pick me up 4 days before mom and dad come back from the honeymoon.....but I feel like im getting the short end of the stick. frown

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Barked: Thu Jun 10, '10 10:12pm PST 
I say you play it UP! Make them regret and then shower you with treats and gifts. It's the only way. puppy

Mom and dad actually left me at Yuki-san and Jiro's house last week for several days. I got really confused and tried to follow them out. It's a little different from going to a boarding place, but I had a blast! Well, until I started getting homesick on the last day. Then Yuki was a jerk and wouldn't let me see mom when she came to pick me up! How rude.

I mean, Yuki, you're my bro and all, but dude, I might just have to take your kibble if you try that again. naughty

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Barked: Thu Jun 10, '10 10:54pm PST 
I'm sure they will give you lots of attention when they get back. Make sure they spoil you for all it is worth!


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Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 6:20am PST 
Ginger make sure to wish your humans a huge congratulations!!!

Here's the skinny on the kennel. It's all fun and games till... well it's all fun and games! You'll see lots of other pups! You'll get TONS cookies, when the humans get home. They will feel guilt, let them it's what 'they do'. You, however will be fine & none the worse for wear. Enjoy the extra attention!

Call me Shiba- Holmes, ill find- anything!
Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 6:29am PST 
Mom and Dad say thanks! I know ill get lots of treats, beggin strips were buy one get one free and mom came home with 8 bags! big grin

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Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 7:40am PST 
Overnight boarding is another place to take over the humans. Simply sit and stare at them and they will be falling all over themselves in a matter of minutes. Those 10 days are your boot-camp for Shiba Mind Control.

And to your parents - congratulations! If you can survive raising a shiba together, you can do anything!

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Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 9:03am PST 
Hi Ginger,
It might be weird to be away from your mom and dad but you will get a ton of attention, lot's of new smells, and I'm sure a bunch of treats. Think of it as a puppy vacation... plus when you get back I'm sure that you can guilt them into a couple of weeks of extra special spoiling.

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Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 11:01am PST 
Yay for your mommy and daddy!!

From what I hear, you are going on your own doggy vacation! Do you like going to the dog park?? Imagine THAT except lots better since you don't have to go home! And you get to eat and have treats and your own place to sleep too...!!