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World class- sulker
Barked: Mon Jun 7, '10 2:18pm PST 
I've been a bit bored recently, so I've decided to entertain myself by doing a few quick computer drawings. I was wondering if any of you at dogster would like me to draw your dog for you? It's a bit dull just drawing random dogs off google images... it'd be nicer to draw some of the dogs here.
I'm certainly not the best at drawing, but they are just for a bit of fun big grin
Just give a very short description of your dogs personality, and any extra pictures or information, and I'll see to making the drawing happen.

Here's a few examples...



Also, you are free to do whatever you please with the drawing- just give credit when credit is due (although I doubt this needs saying smile )
Drover- Deputy Of- Security

Mr. Pudge
Barked: Mon Jun 7, '10 2:40pm PST 
omg you are really good at drawing!

World class- sulker
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 12:42pm PST 
Thank you big grin

Anyone interested at all? Again, it's just for a bit of fun. I have so much free time at the moment and I don't know what to do with it all!


The Monster
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 12:47pm PST 
It's always fun to see other people's interpretations of your pets. I'd be happy if you tried giving Cohen a go. Hopefully she has enough photos on her profile that you'll find one you like.
Jovi, NPC,- CEGE

Momma's boy and- proud of it!!!
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 1:19pm PST 
Wow those drawings are really good. Art runs in my family and let me tell you my dad would agree with me.
Zackintosh- CJ

befolgen Sie und- vertrauen Sie- mit Liebe
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 2:10pm PST 
Those are pretty good! Just wondering, what did you draw them with?
You can draw Zack if you want, feel free to use any pics on his page smile
Ella Cinderella

Yoo muffs- abquits if da- shoe nods fids!
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 2:13pm PST 
I'd love a drawing.wave

World class- sulker
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 2:20pm PST 
Cohen, here's your drawing. big grin I saw her as quite a playful pup- I noticed her playing with a bright green ball in one of her photos so I added it in. I hope you like it. I really enjoyed drawing this one smile


Jovi, thank you very much, it means a lot!

Zach and Ella, I look forward to drawing yours tomorrow- it's getting late here in the UK big grin
Droopy CD,- RA, HH, TDI,- CGC

I didn't do it
Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 3:19pm PST 
Your drawings are great Milo. If you have time, I would LOVE a drawing of Droopy. dancing

Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 3:25pm PST 
Beautiful drawings!

I`ve taken art for most of my life and pencil drawing are by far my favorite to do. But I can`t draw on the computer to save my life!
I myself know how hard it can be just to move the mouse right, so hats off to you,because you have some skill!

I`d be delighted if you drew up Caddy! I`m sure she would love that aswell. Feel free to any picture on her profile. =]
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