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Cookies 'n'- Creme- (1998-2011)

Heart of a lion,- soul of a lamb
Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 9:50pm PST 
If I remember correctly, two months or so back there was survey or something for Nutro on the homepage asking for input.

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 10:04pm PST 
Did anyone get a response from Nutro that actually addressed issues raised (like phenobarbital being in the formulas, the 2007 recall, and what they do to prevent such things now)?

Or did you get a name and a phone number to contact someone like I did?

I'm spoiled but- not rotten!
Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 10:30pm PST 
I did Sedona, a persons name that I had already contacted at Nutro and was given double talk and told what wonderful food they had and how the company changed hands so the people there now never had anything to do with the sodium pentobarbital being found in the food and the recalls and the animals that died. I gave up! I just told them I would never feed my beloved pets anything they made and would continue to tell people not to feed it either until they gave answers, not talked in circles.

Monty RL1- AoE CGC

I think I'm a- king among dogs
Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 10:39pm PST 
I definitely did not get a personal response, I got an auto-generated email. I'm furious that I'm lumped in with the 100,000 responses because that makes it sound like I either liked their food in the first place, or I like it now after they took the time to personally address my concern.
I'm going to be even more vociferous about NOT recommending their food to anyone, and suggesting people avoid it- pointing out recalls, chemicals, menadione, corn gluten, and the high price for the crappy food.
Take that, Nutro.

I have just met- you and I LOVE- you!
Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 5:37am PST 
I also sent them my opinion... It was, umm, maybe not what they wanted to hear, but hey, they asked for it. I also received an auto-generated email, with numbers to call and such if I still had issues. I frankly didn't bother.
Vance CGC

You kids g'off- my lawn!
Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 6:04am PST 
Holy cow... I can't remember a single person talking in favor of Nutro when that survey took place, except the Nutro reps, and they talk in the same circles as the company.

Is this actually as backhanded as it sounds?

Nutro posts a survey asking for open opinions

Nutro counts all responses

Nutro sends a generic rebuttal and contact information to all negative responses

Nutro talks everyone who bothers to call in circles until they give up in frustration

Nutro counts every person who stopped calling or didn't bother to call as a now satisfied customer and tells Dogster we love them

I mean... That's just insane. But I definitely don't remember many positive reviews or satisfactory follow ups...

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 6:07am PST 
They got my opinion alright. I tried the food after the re-formulation etc., with supposedly good ingredients bla bla bla. This was suggested by someone who has healthy dogs that seemed to be doing well on it. I had never used the product before. My dog did horribly on it, right from the first feeding. So bad that I wouldn't continue it for more than a couple days, and this was with a gradual add-in to the food she'd been on. I asked for a way to send back the product and get my money back and didn't get a response. Didn't care to press on, just won't be buying it ever again.

throw me a- frickin' bone- here

Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 8:28am PST 
Input? I didn't see a place for me to submit a disgusting green poop...
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 8:34am PST 
Yeah the catster community is really upset and they are using using pictures on their pages to show their displeasure with Nutro. I did send a message to HQ and was informed that they would share the feedback with their advertising team.

I do remember the Nutro Survey and this is informal of course, but my friends who said they filled out the survey also said they would never use Nutro.

I really do hope they remove the ads. I believe I saw it on another page besides the Vet blog page.
The Hounds- of- Bassetville- +3

Food? Where?!?
Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 8:34am PST 
We gave them extremely negative input, but we never got a response... Typical... people always blame a mess on the dog.
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