everlasting treat ball-treats

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Barked: Mon May 31, '10 5:33pm PST 
are these ok? I was just thinking after my mom bought them for me that I hope they aren't like Greenies and the bad problems that those caused.

She bought them for me because in the morning I give Boo and Layla a kong with a treat in it while I get ready, but I have an off brand kong and that one always is done before the other one, so we thought that maybe this everlasting treats would be good for them to chew on for like .5 hour a day.

but then.. today when we gave them to them (in a flavor that wasn't one they would be allergic to) they ate the entire treat art in maybe an hour,, I am not sure on time because I was setting up my new computer.

so, what is your take on these?

Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Mon May 31, '10 5:40pm PST 
Did your momma give you the treats stuck in the ball? Or just the treats by themselves? If given stuck in the ball they should be more of a challenge to get out/eat. If just given alone, don't expect it to last long.
I had an Everlasting treat ball a while back and Farley would get the treat caps out in 2 minutes, swallow them whole, then he demolished the ball itself.
I've had a lot better luck with their Everlasting Fun Ball. I feed raw but I fill it with a large size kibble now and then as a treat (like EVO large bites) and Farley takes forever trying to get them out, and he hasn't been able to demolish it.
But yeah, as for the Everlasting treat ball treats themselves, I wouldn't expect them to last long outside of the treat ball they're designed for.

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Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 3:33am PST 
oh, they were definitely in the ball lol. they just really wanted them!


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Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 8:10am PST 
Yes, I think these treats are okay every once in a while.
These are the ingredients in the treats:

"Wheat gluten, gelatine, water, glycerine, natural flavoring, corn gluten meal, garlic powder, brewers yeast, lecithin, sodium diacetate, vegetable gum, titanium dioxide, natural coloring"

Corn, galric powder and a few other ingredients in there aren't ideal, but like I said, this is a fine treat for a special ocassion. I have an Everlasting Treat Ball for my dogs, but they ended up getting the treat out in less that five minutes. confused I just use the ball as a play toy now! happy dance
Augusta, CGC

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Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 8:23am PST 
Yeah, I was kinda sorry I paid so much for the ball and treats--I thought it might be better than a rawhide to occupy my dog's time. The first time, her treat lasted awhile, but the second time she got one, she took the treat out almost immediately! laugh out loud So it hasn't much use as something to keep her busy . . . so I don't buy those treats anymore.