Shold they be a bit bigger at this age?

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Last night I got the measurements on Tundra and Drizzit just to see how big they are at nine weeks of age. Their measurements are as follows Tundra's chest 5 inches across her belly is 12 inches around she is 20 inches long and 11 inches tall Drizzit measures 41/2 inches at the chest but her other measurements are the same. I dont know about their weight because I havent got a scale of any sort in the house. But I would guess about 8 pounds, Should they be a little bigger considering their daddy is wolf and husky or are they about right for their age?
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Puppies go through many stages of growth. Some grow faster than others. Chest size, height, and length really don't mean anything at this point. You do not state on their pages what the father is........only the mother. So why do you think the father was a husky/wolf? Are you hoping for huge dogs? the one pup looks like a lab mix. Most people claiming to have wolf mixes in fact do not. For one thing its illegal to own them in most states and definitely not in city limits. Even if it is a wolf mix.........they run the gamut from 50 lbs up to over 100 lbs so its a gamble as to what size the pups are. Since the father was possibly a husky/wolf and the mother was a husky.........they are if any at all, only 1/4 wolf.......meaning they will more likely take on the size of a husky.
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Maggie is not the mom to the pups. Their mother is a Beagle something else mix and I saw the father he is the wolf husky mix. Mother dog was bigger than a normal 156 inch beagle. We think she may have had a bit of German Shepherd in her as Drizz is starting to look like a shepherd in the face. The mother dog has beagle markings but size between a beagle and a shepherd. I didnt get close to her as she was very aggressive even toward her owners.


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In most states it is quite legal to own hybrids - what varies, however, is whether or not a permit is required. Most states actually have no regulation at all, unfortunately. Surprisingly, Alaska of all states is one of the most restrictive. Mandatory spay/neuter, only legal when grandfathered in before a certain date, microchipped, etc.

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Being that mom is a smaller medium sized dog and dad is husky - I wouldn't expect them to get too big. Likely 50ish pounds.

My guys were 10lbs at 10 weeks and about 10 inches tall. They're now 28ish lbs at 23 weeks, and 18 inches tall. They go through some wicked growth spurts - I expected them to weigh more at this point, but not be near as tall as they are!