Solid Gold VS. Blue Buffalo

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Barked: Wed May 26, '10 7:52pm PST 
Barking at the Moon High Protein, Low Carb Adult Dog Food

High-protein, low-carb BLUE Wilderness Salmon Recipe Grain Free

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae
Barked: Wed May 26, '10 8:39pm PST 
Blue Buffalo--only by experiance. Sallie Mae has done really well on BB Wilderness Salmon, and we are trying the duck next, so we can have a rotation of protien source. Blue Buffalo has made a huge difference in her. Hubby was fussing over the cost--until he started helping with the poopy scooping jobs--now he won't change for anything!! It's really funny what convinces some people at times.

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Barked: Wed May 26, '10 9:14pm PST 
I've never used either foods sorry. I hope to have Bella try blue buffalo wilderness eventually.

Sallie your husband sounds like my dad he complains about the price and says we should use beneful sadly he doesn't pick up the dog's poop so he doesn't know the difference between the horrible beneful poop to good quality kibble poop.

Bella and even Dink our old dog has done so well on their foods I rather spend the extra money for them to be healthy and actually the expensive food last longer than beneful.

Luckily he has no say in dog food choices since me and my mom are the ones who take care and train the dogs..

I guess try blue buffalo, but not every dog food is good for every dog so if it doesn't work you can try a different formula or try solid gold.

Pet smart I think is having a sale on their blue buffalo forgot the price on the ad.

☆ Lacy

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Barked: Wed May 26, '10 10:33pm PST 
To be honest Lacy did real well on both, her stool was really firm with BB Wilderness compared to Solid Gold. The only thing I didnt like about Wilderness was the 26lb bag, which is the biggest they make (I was buying a new bag every 2 to 2.5 weeks for both my dogs). Besides that, I prefer BB Wilderness if I had to choose between the two.

However, I question if my dogs need that much protein. I currently have them on Taste of the Wild, which is still grainless but with 30 to 33% protein. Not to mention I dont get Crop Dusted anymorelaugh out loud

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Barked: Thu May 27, '10 12:16am PST 
Blue Buffalo is a good food, but you may want to supplement it with addition meat, such as cooked chicken or beef. Solid Gold has more meat in it and wouldn't need addition meat supplementation, but I would not give this to puppies under 18 months of age because of the very high protein content of the food. Artemis Maximal Dog, Blue Wilderness, Go Natural Grain Free Endurance, Innova EVO, Innova EVO Red Meat, Innova EVO Reduced Fat, Instinct Chicken Meal Formula, Instinct Duck Meal & Turkey Meal Formula, Instinct Rabbit Meal Formula, Orijen Adult, Orijen Puppy, Orijen Puppy Large Breed, Orijen Regional Red, Orijen Senior, Orijen Six Fish, Wellness CORE, Wellness CORE Ocean, and Wellness CORE Reduced Fat are my favorite foods. Taste of the Wild is often revealed as a very high quality food, but some of the ingredients are mixed quality, so I would avoid this food and look for something with better quality ingredients.

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Barked: Thu May 27, '10 5:41am PST 
They both look really good to me. If it were me choosing Id go with the blue buffalo I like the ingredient list a wee bit better. But it really stems down to at this point what your dog likes better and does well with. So take a pick and try it out. Whatever one you pick will be a good one.

Barked: Thu May 27, '10 6:27am PST 
I think that both of Them are good foods but If You're like Me and have a Sensitive Stomach, There is an all-natural Doggie Food called California Natural It has no dye in it, No artificial preservatives,It is a great Food and I love it! I suggest it to Any doggie looking for a new food to switch to. blue dog
Max (aka- Sebastian)

Lovin Life
Barked: Thu May 27, '10 7:38am PST 
We haven't tried that specific formula, but blue buffalo in general has been a good food for Max. Max was pulled from a kill shelter by a rescue, while in rescue his eyes would always run and be goopy. I told his foster mom that I was going to feed him BB, so she did the switch for me while we were waiting for him to come home to us, and by the time he came home his eyes had cleared up wonderfully.

crop dusted big laugh