Allie is sick , and suggestions

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Gator Girl
Barked: Thu May 13, '10 1:19pm PST 
Our Boxer Allies is sick. She has been seeing the vet for 3 weeks. Her symtoms have been. she was having trouble with her back leg kept holding it up like it hurt, and once she laid down she could not get up without help. Then she threw up for a whole day and wouldn't eat, We got her eating now, boil rice and hamburger for the last 3 days, and now I am mixing some dog food in with it. she drinks plenty of water, her eyes have had lost of goop in them, has been better since being on the antibiotic. she will get up and go stand in a corner or stand by the sofa and just stand there

She has had blood work which was all normal, and her urine check was normal. Our vet is thinking its some kind of a infection but we don't know what.

she is taking perdizone and doxycylene and I am now giving her vitimin b, b12, e shots once a day for the next 5 days. she has had 3 cortizone shots over the last 3 weeks and after she has one she seems to get better, and when on the meds she is a little better but as soon as they are gone she starts getting bad again. Any ideas? This has me so worried and suggestions would be welcomed.
Jax (earned- her wings- 5/30/12)

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Barked: Fri May 14, '10 7:31pm PST 
Are you sure her symptoms are related? Sometimes, they can have more than one thing going on that stumps everyone. Did she injure her leg? Did you have an xray? Maybe she has a hip problem. Has she been tested for tick born diseases? They can make them very sick. Jax had Lyme Disease and Ehrlichiosis. She had all kinds of symptoms and it wasn't until the vet ran the right tests on her that we figured it out. Good Luck!
Nakita Mae- Angel Girl

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Barked: Fri May 14, '10 7:46pm PST 
Hi, you said her blood work is all normal, but if there were an infection the wbc's should be elevated. Why the prednisone?? What type of "infection" is your vet treating? Certain antibiotics treat certain types of infection.
Personally, I would seek another opinion at this point, if you are worried about your vet, just have the new vet call your other vet to get your records, we call and ask for records all the time as owners do not want to deal with their original vet. You are entitled to another opinion.

Sometimes other eyes on a problem can see something someone else does not.
They may have other ideas. The limping does not seem to go along with the vomiting or the not wanting to eat. It could be coincidence. I would be worried about the anorexia and vomiting more than the limping at this point.

Maybe some other type of blood work is called for. Maybe an xray or ultrasound of the abdomen to make sure nothing is going on that is not apparant on blood work.

I do hope your pup feels better soon and you have some answers.

Bam-Bam, CGC

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Barked: Fri May 14, '10 9:13pm PST 
Did your vet check for tick disease? Lymes in particular?
Chloe - 6/18/02 - 7/23/12

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Barked: Fri May 14, '10 11:52pm PST 
Poor Allie! The standing definitely sounds like she doesn't feel well. Either in pain (joint or otherwise) or sick (upset stomach or ?). Chloe would stand in the middle of the room and not want to move when she was in pain from a pinched nerve in her neck. Does Allie pee & poop like normal? Is her temperature O.K.? What did the vet say about the limp? Did they suspect a strain, something more serious like a torn ACL, or did they think is was related to the infection? Did they eliminate the possibility of trauma before leaning toward an infection? (Any x-rays taken?) Are the mobility issues still there or just the other symptoms that say: "I don't feel good?"

We're thinking of you and we hope Allie starts feeling better soon! hug

Gator Girl
Barked: Sat May 15, '10 1:10am PST 
Allie had x-rays today, no problem with her hips , has a little arthritis in her knees, her liver , spleen and heart looks good. she does have a small amount of inflamations in her lungs, the vet compared it to someone with asthma, as there are some small spots that show up , he wants to recheck that in 4 weeks.
He said no tick dieases are present, but he said she could have a auto ammune problem, she had a kidney infection earlier in the month but that has since cleared up. she is no longer favoring her leg.
she will be done with the predizone tomorrow and the antibiotic on sunday. Then we will see how she does. she also has some 2 small blood spots behind her retna of her eye, he said this was a capalary (sp) that burst probably becuase her blood pressure was a little elevated.
Thats all I know for at this point. Its just odd to me that this seem to come on over night. I just want to know what is the problem. I know alot of what the problem is not.

Oh they also have us giving her a shot for 5 days with vitimin b, b12 and e in it, he said this would make her feel better and good for her joints too

Gator Girl
Barked: Sat May 15, '10 1:19am PST 
I don't think the vet did one special test for a tick illness. But he did say if she had one the doxycylene would be the right med to be on. At this point I'm so confused. She is eating and pooping and peeing. He also said when she was favoring the leg that it was related to the "infection" and none of her blood work showed anything being elevated.