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Barked: Mon May 10, '10 6:10am PST 
What causes hiccups in dogs? My puppy who is 13 weeks, gets them maybe once a week or so.....thinking
Quentin- Flagg

King Q - king of clown- town
Barked: Mon May 10, '10 6:29am PST 
BOL....puppy hiccups. So cute. I don't actually know what causes them, but it seems that puppies get hiccups a lot. Then they just stop getting them after a few months.shrug

Oh puppies....I love puppies.


Don\'t Reyna Me- In
Barked: Mon May 10, '10 6:42am PST 
They get them because they are growing at such a rate that their diaphragm gets stretched. This makes it spasm and causes hiccups. Completely normal in growing puppies!


I know, I'm- handsome
Barked: Mon May 10, '10 7:03am PST 
Yup, it's just a puppy thing - and super cute. Nothing cuter than when my two are laying in their crates at night, hiccuping away!

Barked: Mon May 10, '10 9:05am PST 
haha, ok! thanks guys! yes, its the cutest thing ever!

sassy girl
Barked: Mon May 10, '10 1:55pm PST 
i get double hiccups .. 2 in a row goes on for a few min then goes away at least once a day right now .. mom thinks is soooo cute .. i say its irritating ..

Everyones little- Romeo
Barked: Tue May 11, '10 5:38am PST 
I asked the same question when I first got Romeo!!! BOL I still dont know what causes it but it made me feel better to know my pup wasnt in trouble or anything

The Life of the- Party!
Barked: Thu Jul 8, '10 1:55pm PST 
Glad I saw this post coz I was wondering the same thing. I didn't know if it was a toy causing it or his food - so glad to know it's normal big grin

Eat, Sleep &- Play! Yes, Life- is Good!
Barked: Thu Jul 8, '10 6:50pm PST 
That brings back memories! smile Buckeye used to get hiccups everyday when he was a young puppy. It was worrying, but when he slowed down as he got older, it became cute to watch! He would be sleeping and you would suddenly hear him hiccup. It was startling to both him and us! He was a silly puppy.

Puppies get hiccups for several different reasons. If they are playing, they can breathe in too much air, making them hiccup because of the sudden air consumption. If you notice hiccups after eating or drinking, it could be because they ate or drank too fast.

Either way, its completely harmless when your puppy gets a case of the hiccups! As they start maturing, you'll notice that the hiccuping will become less and less often. I rarely see my two adult dogs get the hiccups, but I do remember when Buckeye got them ALL THE TIME as a puppy. Its nothing to worry about!

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Thu Jul 8, '10 8:07pm PST 
Dangit, now I'm missing Samson's hiccups frown. He used to get them several times a day...I was worried too when it happened with him =/. They are so cute!
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