Advice for "play" biting?

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Barked: Sun May 2, '10 9:19am PST 
frown This topic embarrasses me, so please be kind.

When Charlie gets hyperactive, which is.. a lot, he tends to teeth and bite at me and my family. His tail is always up and wagging, and he's acting as if it's a fun playtime kind of ordeal. Everytime he does it, he's either sent to the other room or we turn our backs on him, but he doesn't seem to get it.

Any advice for how to make this stop?

Barked: Sun May 2, '10 10:26am PST 
I need advice on this too!
Abbie goes after me, my roommate and my boyfriend, and I'm the only one who can't stop her. My bf and roommate will yell "STOP!" and she stops, but nothing can get her off of me frown
She's never growling or like, intending to hurt me.. she's just playing. I try replacing my hand with toys, but she still goes after my hand. An ice cube USUALLY stops her, but not always. and then I feel like I'm rewarding her

the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Sun May 2, '10 12:55pm PST 
My foster, Sonny and I are working on this and having some luck too.

Can't stay now, but I will be back tonight with details...

The Puppy- Hoard

Barked: Sun May 2, '10 12:58pm PST 
STOP! doesn't mean anything to a dog, any word you yell over and over quickly turns into babble.

When she bites you you need to yelp, squeak in a high pitched voice, say ahh in a high key anything that will mimic the yelp that dogs give when play is too rough. Usually this will startle the pup and tell them you don't like how their playing. If however your yelps aren't effective the minute the playing turns to biting the pup should be swiftly and without spoken correction swats or any further stimulation be placed on the ground and ignored. This will teach the pup that when she bites play time is then over because her behavior is not ok.

the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Sun May 2, '10 5:36pm PST 
I'm back as I promised....
Sonny is a Beagle/Golden mix (he's with Labs4rescue so we say Lab X), so he has some Beagle impulse. Lucky he has a Golden mouth, soft.

We started playing a game with Sonny to teach him how to use his mouth in an exceptable way and improve his impulse control.

Prep - Puppy should be exercised but not excited. Food driven but not real hungry.

Needed - A bunch of kibble or other low value food. Someone the dog respects enough and is not chicken about the dogs mouth/teeth.

Object of the game - To teach the dog that licking gets him food, pets and praise. While using teeth or hurting people gets you ignored.

How to play - Put a single kibble in each fist and hold them at dog level so he can smell, but not get the kibble.
If the puppy uses teeth, nips, claws or jumps on you - Say "EEP!" in a high pitched voice, stand up, put your hands under your armpits and ignore him until he calms down. If after 3 tries the pup is too rough, either he is too hungry, too excited (more walking), or needs to learn the "PB lick" first (will describe later).
If the puppy licks your hand, say "kisses!" and open immediately and give the food, pet him and tell him he's a good puppy. Repeat with other hand. If puppy licks the empty hand reward anyway!

"The PB Lick"
Some pups just don't understand licking, they always try to chew through your hand. So you put a bit of Peanut Butter on the palm of one hand and stick it behind your back. Pet the puppy with the other hand . Bring the other hand out so puppy smells the Peanut Butter. Hold the hand out so pup can have a lick, say "kisses". Take the PB hand away and repeat.

This is a game that has to get more difficult as puppy masters each step. Take cues from your pup as to whether it's time to make it harder.

Step it up:
After you have put a kibble in each hand, use one or both hands to pet the puppy. Same rules as before, just harder for the puppy to control his excitement when the food is moving.

PLay a little rough, use a ball in one hand, wrestle with the pup, just remember to make it one step more exciting not jump up 3 or 4 steps all at once and expect pup to hold it together. Stop often to give pup a chance to either goof or win!

Continue to make it more difficult once pup is good all the time.

***INCLUDE OTHER PEOPLE. Once puppies primary handler is getting good response, have pup play with everyone. While he plays the older version, you start teaching step 2. Once pup has step 2 have others do that while you teach 3. so on....

Be creative and make this work for the pup you have. I adapted this from the way my parents taught our dogs not to bite when we were kids.

It's play time- ALL the time
Barked: Mon May 3, '10 3:11pm PST 
Sonny- What a great game!! I think my husband and I will have to try that. Lily doesn't do too bad anymore, but she still has her moments where she goes NUTS!! Thanks for letting us know about that! cheer

the world's- first blond,- agility Beagle
Barked: Wed May 5, '10 9:01pm PST 
Hope it helps Lily.

Sony was impossible to touch when he arrived on April 22nd. Like handling a Crocodile. Now I can play with him and handle his face. He's turning into a great kisser! BOL.
jackie brown

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Barked: Wed May 5, '10 9:37pm PST 
this may be of assistance. The way to teach puppies not to bite, is to teach them to bite. This video explains. In brief, you hold something in your hand that the dog really wants to bite, and you teach them the difference between that object and your hands.

puppy biting video
Booda- -*Rainbow- Bridge*-

Pouncy Pouncy &- Toy Soldier- Walkies!
Barked: Sun May 9, '10 9:29am PST 
That is a great game! I am going to give a try with Booda and see if he'll enjoy it (I'm sure he will). His issue really isn't with biting, but play 'nipping' with his needle teeth, but either way we want to 'nip' it in the bud before he gets bigger and takes it to far.

I also enjoyed the video that was posted, and that is the method we are trying with him now as well because it's not about NOT biting, it's about what he CAN bite and be okay.

Again, thanks for all the great information on this!


newbie to this- living with- people thing!
Barked: Mon May 10, '10 12:03pm PST 
ahh i have only just joined this site and already i have gotten some good advice to try smile thankyou!
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