What's the most expensive thing your Beagle has wrecked?

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Barked: Fri Mar 26, '10 2:02pm PST 
I installed new kitchen cabinets a couple weeks ago and the following day, Basil pulled open a large pan drawer and chewed apart the corner of the panel. $200 to replace frown

other things that have his teeth marks or had to be thrown out:
- large bookshelf
- coffee table
- back panel of pantry
- cordless phones
- lattice on patio
- countless pairs of socks
- skateboard helmet
- bicycle seat
- zipper on portable shed
- wifes shoes
- wifes lingerie & underwear
- Nintendo DS
- hockey gloves

He's almost 10 months old now and the majority of these things were wrecked when he was 5-8 months old. He's doing a little better now but still loves to sneak our socks and underwear. All in all, it definitely adds up and makes a dent in my pocketbook

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Barked: Fri Mar 26, '10 2:38pm PST 
We got Bilbo when he was out of the teething stage. Hehe. But, he has chewed on these:

1) brand new John Deere hat; luckily, twas free, and my step-dad got another
2) part of the wall -right by the bottom of the door, not very noticable-
3) a pair of shoes. We walked in and the shoes were destroyed. xD

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Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 8:48am PST 
Tie outs punkin goes through them like their going out of style


Barked: Thu Apr 8, '10 9:37am PST 
Not really all that expensive, but mine loves to chew through the ethernet cables that I have strewn around the house. It's pretty obnoxious to get kicked off the internet when it happens.

I love eating,- hiking, eating &- hiking
Barked: Mon Apr 19, '10 12:20pm PST 
Basil doesn't chew through ethernet cables but loves biting speaker wire and telephone cords in half.

Barked: Tue Apr 27, '10 12:38pm PST 
lucy chewed up a bathroom tile all the way through to the subflooring. along with underwear, socks, washcloths, plastic bowls lol

My special- little guy
Barked: Thu Apr 29, '10 11:44am PST 
Tucker has destroyed the following expensive items:

My Nokia 6682 mobile phone (my second best mobile phone I ever owned!)
Part of my mattress (still haven't replaced it, just flipped the chewed through part down)
My ironing cord (agh! that was an expensive iron, too)
Various DVDs of movies I probably won't have watched anyway

It has been years, though, since Tucker has chewed through something he wasn't supposed to. He seems to have outgrown it. I have been known to leave my cellphone unattended, and it turned out ok. Plus, I now sleep with my glasses within Tucker-range, and even though they are plastic, he has yet checked through them.

Barked: Thu Dec 16, '10 12:34pm PST 
The floor, we have a linoleum florr that had just a little bit pulled up. The original floor but still looked nice, came home one day she had pulled up about a quarter of it.

Barked: Wed Dec 22, '10 11:04am PST 
Lets see lets start with the last one first
wire going to my laptop..dumb me i thought she was playing with her bone
2 pairs of socks
2 blankets
2 towels snoopy

But with a face like hers i can't get too mad smile