Dog food and yeast issues

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Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 5:00pm PST 
I am trying to find a dog food that Mason is not allergic to and that might get rid of his yeast problems. Right now Mason is on Natural Balance sweet potato and fish and I have tried everyone of their grain free foods and he has had yeast issues with everyone of them and has been itching like crazy. Someone told me that sweet potatoes and regular potatoes can cause yeast so I am trying to find a grain free food without potatoes but I am having no luck. I have only found one food that didn't have rice or potatoes in it but it had pea flour and Mason is allergic to pea's. Things Mason is allergic to is: chicken, eggs, oatmeal, soybeans,pea's, eggs,chicken meal and umm I can't think of anything else right off but about every food I have found has either eggs, chicken meal or peas in it. I would prefer not to do a raw diet because with my schedule if he didn't eat it right then I wouldn't be able to offer him anymore food during the day. I had wondered if you could actually cook food for them and they get enough nutrients since I can't seem to find any food that he isn't allergic to. I would appreciate any suggestions!

Sun Worshipper
Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 6:48pm PST 
You might want to take a look at the home cooking forum and ask around there. way to go
Also, you never know, raw could be perfect for you. No harm in checking it out because I don't know a grain free food that doesn't have potatoes in it. You could look at pre-made "raw". Not sure on the ingredients on those though.
Also, you could teach him to eat the raw right away. Give him his meal and if he doesn't eat it in a specific time requirement then take it away and give it at next meal time. They catch on pretty quick to eat right away.
Good luck. wink
Brodie Bear

The Furry- Bull-Dozer
Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 7:42pm PST 
Brodie eats the same food and does well on it.... and used to have yeast issues.

Some things that seem to help him are a daily probiotic. Another thing that helps is using mal a ket wipes on his on his wrinkles, tail pocket, etc...

We also started adding some bragg's organic raw apple cider vinegar to his food. It helps prevent yeast as does the probiotic.

You can also add the organic cider vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle and spray on the itchy areas.

Look into a shampoo called Be Super Clean from 1-800-pet-meds.

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Mommy's little- princess
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 5:33am PST 
Looking at that allergy list of his I think you will have a hard time finding a food. Your best bet might be home cooking or raw.
Tucker, CGC,- TDI

Bloggin' Dog
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 6:11am PST 
Hi, Mason.

Honestly, if your only concern regarding raw is that he eat it in a timely manner, you are probably worrying needlessly. Most dogs are pretty darn excited to get "real" food, and consume it eagerly. Depending upon the complexity of the meal (a large RMB may take awhile to finish), mealtimes may last anywhere from five minutes to a half hour or so. Surely there is a half hour somewhere in your day that you could devote to Mason's meals?

I don't like to push raw on anyone that is not keen on it, but in this case it seems your only concern may be the time element, so I think it's worth bringing up. With raw, you can completely control what Mason is eating, and the "ingredient list" is strikingly simple: chicken, beef, pork, etc.

Now, I know you said Mason is allergic to chicken, but the good news is that he may NOT be allergic to chicken in its unadulterated form. Many dogs that are allergic to an ingredient in commercial or home cooked food are not allergic to it in its raw state.

Anyway, if you are interested, come on over to the raw forum and ask some questions!

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 6:26am PST 
Agree with Tucker. It takes Max about 50-80 chomps to break up and swallow a chicken wing. Those chomps are super fast and the thing is down in about a minute. That would be his daily bone, meat is just about the same and organ is a slurp. I have 15 minutes to feed them and prepping, feeding and picking/washing bowls takes just about that long. I offer big meals that take up to an hour to finish but not daily.

Granted 16 year old Sassy is a slow eater but Max is usually done before her even when she has a head start and he has a short agility session before getting fed.

Just love me!
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 6:47am PST 
Sunny is currently dealing with yeasty issues too. Our vet wanted us to get serious about a diet change before we went to an allergist. They gave me a free bag of their prescription kangaroo diet which I took, but am not using. I looked around and found Addiction dog foods. They have novel meats that most dogs aren't exposed to. I know they have kangaroo and apple kibble and some dehydrated formulas too, which I have decided on. Sunny is eating the brushtail dehydrated, which is opossum. She has only been on it for two days, so I can't say how much it has helped yet. She does enjoy eating it though.

Our vet also mentioned that it can take 4 months to see a difference.

I do know they offer a venison formula and I remember some canned eel. I saw your list of "no-no's" so you would have to look at the ingredients of the foods they offer. I do remember the box of the food I got did say no grains, no chicken, no beef.
Bam-Bam, CGC

Lil' Rubble
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 7:23am PST 
I agree with Max and Tucker. Raw feeders usually feed one meal a day, and many do it at their leisure. Raw feeders are encouraged not to feed on a schedule, but at different times each day. Then there's also the gorge/fast method, which would mean you could go a day or two without feeding at all!!!

For the kibbles you HAVE tried, how long have you kept him on each one?

Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 8:57am PST 
Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I have tried raw before with him before I even knew what he was allergic to and after a month or two he refused to eat it. I was feeding him chicken(which like I said at the time I didnt know he was allergic to) and he broke out in hives so I would say he is allergic to it even being raw. Every food I have tried with him he has been on for at least 3 or 4 months. The natural balance he is currently on he has been on for over a year and apparently they added more sweet potatoes in it because now in the ingredients list it is sweet potatoes then salmon and it used to be salmon first. I have 4 other bullies that are now starting to show signs of allergies with this food too and 2 don't even eat it that well now. I will look into the raw food again because it has been a while since I have tried it so maybe he will eat it better this time.
Brodie Bear

The Furry- Bull-Dozer
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 1:51pm PST 
Mason, I wish I could help. The NB sw potato and fish is the only food I have tried for Brodie that is working really well.
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