hey lady! what are you teaching your puppy?

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little- dog big- life
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 7:48am PST 
we were following a forest trail that began behind your house.
i was off leash when we heard your big puppy come crashing through the brush.
mommy picked me up and up bounded your german shepherd that looked about six months old.
he is beautiful and super friendly.
he kissed me on the nose and was dancing around mommy.
mommy reached down and patted him on the head and he shreiked in pain!
mommy said, "what happened? i'm sorry baby, what did i do?"
did she step on his paw?
then we heard you shouting from down in your yard.
mommy shouted back to you, 'he's up here! but i don't know why he squealed! he sounds hurt!'
our jaws dropped when you called back, 'He squealed because i shocked him! He didn't come when I called!'
mommy shouted, 'we use Positive Reinforcement!' put me down and we ran up the hill into the forest.
hey lady, do you know that you shocked your puppy the exact moment that mommy pet him on the head?

Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:13am PST 
aww that makes me wanna cry! Poor lil shepard puppers!

Super Friendly- Aviator
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:18am PST 
Sad!! frown And on a German Shepherd puppy especially! They need all the positive encounters they can get since they're so suspicious of strangers by nature... I hope that puppy doesn't grow up thinking strangers cause pain.

Well, it would be sad if ANY puppy grew up thinking that. I guess I'm more worried about a GSD accidentally associating strangers with bad things because I've almost been attacked by a crazy GSD who had little to no socializing.


little little
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:25am PST 
I think someone should put the collar on her so she knows how it feels!!!!! Mean lady !!!!!

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 8:40am PST 
Poor puppy!!! cry

Everyones little- Romeo
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 10:31am PST 
Guh that is so frustrating. I really don't think that Shock, Pinch, Choke collars should be available to the general public because 95% of people use them incorrectly or when they are unneeded. I see it too much at work :/ People will come in with pitbulls on pinch collars where the barbs are actually digging into the dogs neck because it is set too low, people at the other end of choke chains that have a constant death grip on the dog's throat and the worst is seeing dogs coming in with Shock collars around their little necks and squeeling everytime they are Zapped for "not paying attention" Whats worse is most of these animals are PUPPIES and I just want to smack the crap out of these people and remind them what its like to be a 2 year old kid and how Everything is new!

THEY are the ones that need training. Not the dog.

We don't do- doodles!!
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 5:34pm PST 
We have new puppy owners coming into our store almost every day asking for shock collars. Man, do they get an earful!!! I personally do not know of ANY INSTANCE where a shock collar is necessary!!! I have raised labs for over 40 years and NEVER used a shock collar, these dogs mostly had obedience and working titles and I did it with love and praise and got there just as fast as the shockers. Only difference was that my dogs were working because they loved the praise and the others were working because they were terrified of the shocks!!!

*insert fart- noise*
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 5:37pm PST 
OMG thats heartbreaking!!! Did you at least tell the owner that had happened? Maybe they'll rethink shocking their puppy frown

You know you- want to pet me
Barked: Tue Mar 9, '10 7:21pm PST 
I had a similar experience last year.
I took Mikey up to the trails to work on his manners and as we're walking along a woman comes up from behind with two dogs and one of them looks to be a young lab mix. Absolutely going crazy. Going from dog to dog to dog to dog and then kind of harassing each dog.
Her dog runs up this small hill and right as he puts his nose down to sniff something, he lets out this yelp. I say out loud, "Oh. Poor guy must have stuck his nose with something."
Right after the yelp I hear her call him and he goes running and that's when I saw the collar. I look up ahead and I see the "clicker" in her right hand.

Of all of the dogs that were in this accidental pack Mikey and I were walking with, her dog was the absolutely worst behaved. And she had the nerve to give me her opinion on Mikey, telling me that I should just let him off lead and go from there. I politely declined and she says, "well, it's up to you, but it'd be better for your dog". Huh? Uh, lady, you freaking shock your dog and look where it's getting you?

So as we all continue walking her dog is just going bonkers and at one point her dog came running back towards me chasing and harassing another dog and as they passed, Mikey got pissed and lashed out. Luckily I still had his lead on.
Then a mountain biker comes riding by and every single dog is totally cool with the biker except her dog. Her dog starts chasing the biker, nipping at his heels. The biker is going up hill all the while yelling at this woman to get her dog.
I'm pretty sure she was zapping him while she was calling him, but it did no good because her dog was totally in a zone.
The biker finally stops and yells at the woman to get her dog under control and the woman blamed the guy for riding too fast (which he wasn't) and her dog wouldn't have chased him if he'd have gone by slower.

Then, on my way back on the trail I see a guy with a rottie and a GSD. He's put them in a down and has walked away. As I think to myself that this guy is doing a great job training his dogs, I see the collars. A shock collar on each dog.
The guy was so freaking arrogant and I just wanted to bust his ego bubble by saying something, but who am I to do so.

Barked: Wed Mar 10, '10 4:00am PST 
Oh Nina, how awful! At least it makes us pups appreciate what great pawrents we have, right? wink
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