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Shelly (CGC,- JHD-s-g,- JS-N, RS

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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 8:31am PST 
DH and I where watching the Eukanuba National Dog Championship last night, and started on our usual banter about show dog names. He personally cant stand them cause they make no sense to him , while I am convinced there has to be some reason as to how they come up with them ..... Does anyone that shows there dogs know exactly how the names are created?

PS: this post isnt here to offend anybody its we just need an explication to some playful banter : )
Bam-Bam, CGC

Lil' Rubble
Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 9:55am PST 
Most of us use a kennel name, and then you can use one of the parents names in there to honor them or you can come up with something on your own.
Like Bam-Bam's registered name is *Kennel Name's* Little Rubble. I came up with it for the wordplay and because Rubble went with Bam-Bam. Reyna is *Kennel Name's* Don't Reyna Me In. Again, another wordplay. Really, it's up to the people and personal preference.

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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 10:48am PST 
Also, some people go with a theme for the litter. There were a sibling set of Beagles that made it to Westminster several years back where the litter were named after various characters from popular sit-coms. Will and Grace were the set (one was a 13", the other a 15"). Themes can be anything: song names, 50's song names,

I had a litter of APBTs that all had latin phrases for names. The female pups was Kennel Name's omnia vincit amor which means "Love conquers all". The male's names translated into "Fortune favors the brave" "Fortune favors the bold", "Here, there, everywhere", and my bookend boys - oderint dum metuant and maximus decimus meridius.

I've also seen litters named aphabetically (either everyone in the litter has a name that starts with the same letter or there is an "A" name, "B" name, ect), plays on words (like Bam Bam mentioned), a single word (other than the kennel name) that is incorporated into every litter, combinations of parental names. It is limitless.


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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 11:44am PST 
I've done both the mom and dad combo and the litter theme for my dogs. Scarlet's name is from her dam Isabella and her sire Southern Comfort. Together they make Southern Belle, or Scarlet for short. Jackie's name was from the litter theme of Winter Time. Her name is Fickle North Wind, or Jackie (a play on Jack Frost who is brought in on the north wind) for short. Both have my kennel name in front of their names. For explanation purposes only, pretend I sold Jackie to a show home. Her name would become (my kennel name) Fickle North Wind v (their kennel name). The "v" mean "of". Both are useful to the breeder in that they know much later on when they can't remember off hand what litter any particular dog came out of. It's useful to others in that when they see a certain dog/bitch who does well in the ring, they can easily find other siblings who are also being shown. They also will know which kennel bred the dog by the kennel name. Thru the names, people can tell who's related and where they came from without much trouble looking it up.

The alphabetical naming is what my horse registry uses. All the horses registered within the year all have names that start with the same letter. So when you're looking at horses in this breed, you automatically know how old they are. It's consistant world wide, so it's kinda handy.

Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 3:10pm PST 
The main reason that they have to be so strange is that every registered dog must have a completely unique name. Consider if someone was able to name their dog something like "Spot" or "Fluffy". How many other dogs would exist by that exact same name? So if your "Fluffy" went on to win big and do wonderful things in conformation or obedience or whatever else, what is to prevent someone else from naming their dog Fluffy and causing confusion?

So the registered names are created so that every dog registered with an organization is completely unique from every other dog. No confusion with common names.

As for the rhyme or reason as to what a dog is named, that will vary from kennel to kennel, or even litter to litter. Most registered names start with the breeder's kennel name. If it was a planned breeding with intent of the pup going to a different kennel, then they might include both kennel names ... something like "[Kennel A]'s Fluffy at [Kennel B]". Some breeders do the letter thing, where their first litter will all be named A names, second litter B names, etc. Some choose themes, like the music litter, or the wind litter, or the classic film star litter, and each pup will be named in that theme. Some will just choose a call name and design a registered name around that.

Romeo's registered name is "[Kennel name] Forever Romantic". The reason is that he was intended to be the breeder's new stud dog after showing was complete. That plan changed along the way, but the name was already in place. So Romantic = Romeo = lover boy = stud dog. Just a little funny naming decision.

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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 7:10pm PST 
Yes, kennel names are usually in there. But for mixed breeds it's pretty much an open field. I just sent in Quincy's paperwork so I can show him in both AKC's and UKC's mix programs and after discussing extensivley with dog friends decided to go with a registered name seperate from his call name. I wanted something that reflected him perfectly and ended up going with "My Pure Benevolent Soul".

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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 7:40pm PST 
As others have said, it depends on the breeder's whim and whimsy. You have to choose an unique name so your dog doesn't end up as "Spot #12867" and hopefully something that will stand out in the show catalog and in advertisements. Some breeders allow the dog's owner to name the dog and some do not. When it came to naming Byron, I got to name him but asked his breeder for final approval. She has a custom of naming her dogs with names starting with the letter P, but Byron kinda broke that tradition. red face He is Ch Lyncrest Lord Byron, but his parents are Lyncrest Posh (his mom Posh) and Am/Can Ch Lyncrest Pride and Perseverence (his dad Percy). Byron's cousin Phoxie was co-bred with a different kennel, so her name has two kennel names in it: Ch Carami's Phire Fox di Lyncrest. AKC ony allows names to be a certain number of letters, so sometimes people have to get creative to make a name fit.

And in case you are wondering, people tend to just call thier dogs by their call names not the entire formal registered name. The registered name usually only comes out on entry forms, in catalogues and in ads. So you usually won't be in a breeders house and hear her call for a dog using its registered name. wink They tend to be a mouthful. laugh out loud

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Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 7:58pm PST 
Because it's fun & unique & a way to brag on your kennel.
I bought "Dancer" from Checkr'dFlag's Great Pyrenees & her litter was all Vegas names...She is Checkr'd Flags Vegas GoGo Girl...Her mother is C.F.'s Vegas Showgirl (call name Lola) She has a brother named C.F.'s Vegas Pit Boss...aka: Bouncer.big grin
MACH4 PACH2- Aslan

Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 8:34pm PST 
Before I begin, let me say the the letter before k in the alphabet doesn't work on my keyboard. So you know what's missing below. smile

All above is true. As a buyer and not a breeder, I really dislike breeders "forcing" me into any sort of name (ie. this litter is all As or this litter is all hearts). That really makes me mad because my dogs all have the same theme: Biblical/Christian names. And as owner, I think I should have the ability to name my dog something personal to me. I don't, however, mind at all putting the kennel's name in my dog's names.

So I do choose my dog's registered names carefully, and they all have meaning. Aslan's name is simple. It's Deepfork's Aslan. That's it. Aslan, as many will remember, was the lion in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." Aslan represents Christ in that allegory. His description in the books also match my little guys heart of a lion.

Asher is the eighth of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. Hence, Asher's name is "Plail's Eighth Tribe at Deepfork."

ericho's name is "Deepfork's Battle of ericho." ericho can't hear well, but can hear loud noises. As those of you who know their Old Testament stories will remember the "Battle of ericho" was where the Israelites surrounded the city of ericho and on the seventh day made a loud noise, causing ericho's defensive walls to fall down. Since my ericho can hear loud noises, the story was fitting, and so was the name.

So the names often do have meaning. I also like registered names that go with the dog's call names. One of my favs is one of my students who has her dog named "kennelname" When Worlds Collide." The dog's name is Bang. smile I don't really care for registered names that seem fluffy, silly or without thought. Unfortunately, most seem this way to me. smile

Wishing For Snow
Barked: Fri Feb 12, '10 10:16pm PST 
I like to hear how people pick their dog's registered names. There is usually some kind of meaning or story behind the dog's name, even if it is not obvious at first glance.

Bosley was from his breeder's "O" litter. I had to choose a name that started with the letter "O". We live one block from the river valley and a local golf course. In the golf off-season (which is about 7 months of the year), I love to take the dogs hiking in the river valley hills that surround the golf course - or to golfers, the area known as "out of bounds". Bosley's registered name is [Kennel Name] Out Of Bounds Bosley.

I love when people use a play on words for their dogs' names. One of Bosley's cousins is named Happy Go Lexi (call name Lexi of course). Another Berner person I know named her dog "Fifty-Two Pick Up" - call name "Deck".
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