The color of an Akita

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Barked: Fri Feb 5, '10 12:43am PST 
Ok, so I am looking for an Akita to keep my Akita, Bruno company. I came across a lady who said her Akita was due to have babies soon and would be re-homing them. She e-mailed me a picture of her bitch and the stud. (the male belongs to her neighbor) The male looks just like my Bruno, but her female doesn't look like any kind of Akita I have seen before. She is all black with just a little white on her chest and white paws. She was long haired. Sorta like a golden retriever. Do Akitas come in that form? I may be wrong, someone please educate me!

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Barked: Sun Feb 7, '10 8:18am PST 
I have heard of Akitas with longer hair than yours and mine have. In fact the breeder that we got Sabre from has spoken about long hairs on her facebook so I'm sure they're out there. Do you have a picture of the "long hair"??

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Barked: Tue Feb 23, '10 6:42pm PST 
I've seen pictures of the ones you're talking about and I think that color pattern is called tuxedo. Also they do come in short,medium and long hair varieties. I've never actually seen the tuxedo up close but a guy 2 blocks from me has a longhaired fawn/white male. Looks like lots of x-tra grooming to me


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Barked: Sun Mar 7, '10 7:02am PST 
yep yep yep....long hair akitas are out there. Infact a girl a knew in high school has two akitas and her big male is a "shaggy" coat. He's extremely big too so he is really like a huge wooly bear lol. I love Akitas with the solid black or dark grey coats with the white. That's the original color I wanted but I love Athena and I think she's perfect. cloud 9

Sounds like they are going to be beautiful pups.

Barked: Sat Apr 3, '10 4:57pm PST 
By-Tor is black with light grey undercoat and has the white markings on chest and paws, though his markings are fairly minimal to the white 'tuxes' on some dogs I've seen. When he is in full coat the grey undercoat shows through as brindling, especially on his hindquarters, but most of the time he just looks plain black. My favorite Akita color is the full silver/black brindle. Sooo pretty!

Long coats do show up in purebred Akita litters, though I don't think they are correct for the show ring (correct me if I'm wrong). The coat is very long and fluffy, they look like a teddy bear! The long coats I've petted were incredibly soft. Too much coat for me though...

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the long coat is a fault and should not be bred they are beautiful i owned an all white one . the long coat comes from along time ago when some breeders were trying to make them more snow hardy i cant rember the breed they bred in but it gave them a very long coat . from what ive herd its more popular in the japanese blood lines . if you would like to see soem pics message me i have tons .
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what is the normal standard color for an americcan akita? also does anyone have a silver akita? i saw one before a long time ago.