Rescue - Underweight - Guidance appreciated

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Barked: Fri Jan 29, '10 5:12pm PST 
Hello Everyone,

My husband and I just started to foster Beauty. Those working in the rescue were concerned because her appetite had died down badly while in the kennel. They figured she was becoming depressed and lethargic at the kennel.

I can see her ribs and I'm concerned. I want to get her healthy and happy again. I'm taking her on daily walks (she needs some obedience training) and I'm currently feeding her 4 cups of food a day.

The problem is, I don't know what she SHOULD weigh or what she ACTUALLY weighs. I'm thinking about getting her to the vet just to see what she weighs in at but for those who have TRC's, what is a healthy weight for them? Should you see their ribs/hips if they are well fed and healthy?

I want to make sure I'm not worrying needlessly if she IS a healthy weight. If she's not, I want to make sure I increase her food at a safe level (so she doesn't gorge and make herself sick.

Thanks everyone

Barked: Fri Mar 5, '10 3:14pm PST 
Your Beauty is a beauty! We have Tucker, who we believe is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, or at least part. Tucker is a male and he weighs 80-85 lbs. You can only see his ribs just a little bit. I'm thinking that Beauty should weigh a bit less than that since she's a female. Honestly, I would take her to the vet and they can tell you definitely whether she needs to gain weight or not. Have fun with her! We love Tucker SO much, he is a joy to have around!

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Hi there Beauty! I'm Fiona. It's good to meet another Walker girl. I'm 21 inches at the withers and weigh about 50 pounds now. When Mom got me from the shelter the second week of November I weighed 35 pounds. I have kind of bad teeth so it's a little hard for me to eat and the dog that shared my run was getting more than her fair share of the food. Mom and Dad gave me lots of snuggles because the happier I got the better I ate. Now I eat about 2.5 cups of food a day and get supplemented with treats (I love treats). Some of the treats are high protein like dried strips of chicken and some of them are just tasty and have a higher fat content like the "Better than Ears" that I will sit stay and lay down to get my paws on.

A note from mom: One thing that was particularly noticeable about Fiona was that her ribs and her spine were visible when I adopted her. Her coat was in pretty bad shape, very dry and dull. Increased food helped. Increased fat helped her get some shine back in her body. Her skin got markedly less dry and she's a much happier dog now. Basically as the vet said feed her until she doesn't want to eat anymore or until we decide she shouldn'tput on anymore weight. Because she was such a sad pooch she also managed to totally convince my husband to sneak her bits of cheese now and then. Also Sunbutter (a sunflower seed based spread that tastes a lot like peanut butter, but we have an allergy to peanuts in the house so we have to improvise) makes the allergy pills go down a lot easier.


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Thank you both for your replies! Beauty is up to 35lbs now and I have to increase her food when she goes to the dog park (two long walks every day and an hour of running at the dog park equals one well exercised - and hungry - dog)

Beauty has a few visits from potential adopters this weekend. here's hoping this gorgeous girl finds a forever home!
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Has she been checked for heart worm? Beatirx had it when we got her and she was under 40 pounds, she got treated for heartworm and got her appetite back and is now a tad over 50. The vet said 50 or a bit under is good.
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My 2 year old does but her 3 year old mother doesnt