new puppy vs. current dog

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 2:05pm PST 
I haven't been on here in a while, but I needed assistance and I knew this was the place to turn. Here is my issue:

Cosmo is our 4 year old lab, and in September we got a 4 month old puppy, Doby, a doberman/ german shepherd mix. He is a bundle of puppy energy, and we love him very much, but I'm pretty sure Cosmo hates his guts. When he was smaller, it wasn't SO bad, because she was bigger than him, and when he tried to play/ wrestle with her, she was able to tell him no, and walk away. But now he is taller than her, and growing by the day.... Everything she has, he wants. bones, toys, food, attention, he even climbs into her bed with her, which she hates, and so then SHE is forced to get up and move. My fiance and I always take her side, and get back every thing he steals from her, and we make him move when he takes her bed and things, but it doesn't seem to phase the new puppy, and lately Cos has seemed to be getting depressed about the situation.
Every once in a while she will play with Doby, but she rarely initiates play. and I just feel bad because she was used to being the only dog, and he has been here for almost 5 months now, and she's not accepting him like we had hoped.
She is rarely aggressive towards him unless he tries to get into her food bowl or take her bone, then she will nip/bite him. but he bites/ chews on her any chance he gets in a playing way, not an aggressive way. but she doesn't like it, or him really.
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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 5:30pm PST 
We had the same sort of problem. The puppy needs to know what his boundaries are. Don't let him bully her. If he takes her bed, tell him "Out". If he doesn't move then make him move. She needs to know she has some space that's hers. Part of owning more than one dog is being able to control their behavior. I may be wrong, but it sounds like he pretty much does what he wants where ever he wants. Start teaching him that not everything is his and not every spot is his when he wants it. I'm not saying divide your house into sections of his & hers, but you need to let him know he can't be bullying your other dog. Bullying doesn't always mean growling & fights. Most of it is body language. He is asserting himself. He just needs a little more control. I would also,take him to some training classes. Good Luck!

Cosmo- I love to give- kisses!!!!
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Hi Cosmo, I posted something similar to this "Ringo is a Theif". He's only a year old and very hyper. He does almost the same thing as Doby. He's constantly stealing Hucks toys from him, but it's cause he's trying to get Huck to play with him. Hucky doesn't seem to mind so for the time being I'm leaving them alone. But in your case, because Cosmo dosen't want to play, I wouldn't let Doby get away with it. Take away what he stole from Cosmo, give it back to Cosmo and give Doby something different. I would not let him take over Cosmos bed either. Give him his own bed and as soon as he goes on hers, get him off a put him on his. Supervise eating time. In my house, I sit there when I put their bowls on the floor and nobody is allowed near the others bowl until they are done. If one walks away from their bowl, that means they're done eating and it's open game for whoever wants to finish it. I have 3 dogs and they all get treated equal. No one gets more attention then the others. Take the 2 out for walks together, or for a ride in the car together. Do things that involve both dogs so that Cosmo dosen't feel neglected and the 2 can sort of bond together.
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Firstly, give it more time. This is kind of like the situation I was in when I brought my puppy home, and Sanka just wanted nothing to do with him.

It's now been 8 months since I got the pup and the dogs get along much better. Sanka has even started to play a little....like 5 seconds, but hey, it's still something to be happy about.

I never forced Sanka to deal with the pup. If he wanted to walk away, I let him walk away. When the pup got too rambunctious, I made sure to protect Sanka.

The pup also likes to steal stuff from Sanka, and while that's not really fixed, I have been able to give Sanka a little bit of a backbone. When Sanka would have something and the pup would try to steal it, I'd sit next to Sanka and imagine there's like a bubble surrounding us. Whenever the pup stepped in the bubble, I'd "push" him back. I never forcefully shoved the little guy, I just used my body as a buffer. That made Sanka feel more secure and safe, and he could happily chew away on whatever he had.

I wouldn't go so faras to "picking" sides. I'd just make sure to be there for Cos and let her know that you are still there for her. If you pick a side, then the side you don't choose becomes distant, and that dog doesn't feel like family because you have distance yourself. You may not have purposely done so, but it will feel like it if you do choose.

Just remember to give Cos plenty of 1 on 1 time with just you and her. And remember the puppy is just a puppy. He's still got ALOT of learning to do abd alot of training to go through. You won't have a perfect dog in 5 months and you definately won't have a perfect puppy in 5 months. Just give it more time, and makes sure to be consistent on the rules you set.