Best iPhone apps?

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 7:42am PST 
Anyone know of any good iPhone apps related to dogs and pets?
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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 9:50am PST 
I saw one woman who had an app that had a silent dog whistle. You could adjust the pitch. She said it didn't work well, but all she did was go to the dog beach and dog park and push the button to make it sound. She didn't get any responses from the dogs so she said it didn't work. Obviously not the best way to test it, but it seemed like a neat little dog App.
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Barked: Thu Feb 4, '10 11:56pm PST 
oh oh!! I actually just built an app with friends.. and its free!!!
We're going to work soon to have a lot more stuff on it to help personalize it to your dog... like a way to log your training progress and share pictures of your pup.

its called waggity. smile

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Barked: Thu Feb 11, '10 4:41pm PST 
Thanks for posting about your app! I'll definitely check it out.

These are the apps. I've tried so far, some I've paid for, some are free:

-MiPets-nice app. lets you store your pet(s) information. My biggest beef with it: wish it showed an extensive ongoing list of your pet's schedule. Right now from what I know you can only input your pet's last & next vet appt.

-iPet- good app.allows you to list events, but it only allows you to list entries for 1 pet! It has an ongoing pet diary feature, which I've found helpful. I use it for 2 dogs, by listing their names before each entry.

-iPets-lists pets looking for homes in your area.

-petsafe-great app. for listing your pet's upcoming events it will even send reminders to your email if you'd like it to. It doesn't have any cute pictures, but it does what it is supposed to.

-Dog Park-dogster's app. you can see other dogsters (but not full pages, one picture and a brief bio ) & if you'd like the app allows you to text your dogster pals, who have the app. Also you can meet other dogsters that way. One warning-The app is open to anyone, so not everyone on there are "dogsters." I found that a bit disappointing to be honest.

Khola- CDX, CGC

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Barked: Sun Feb 14, '10 12:53pm PST 

feel free to tell me what you think you would like in an app. We're just at the beginning stages of developing it, but we're going to develop beyond where were at and plan on including:

- a way to keep track of your training schedule and what your dog is learning
- a count down to help with increasing times for stay and other behaviors and to keep track of the amount of time you've increased
- an area to keep track of food and potty and behavior for dogs that are having medical issues

What else would you love to have all wrapped up in one app?
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Barked: Tue Mar 16, '10 9:36am PST 
You guys have been talking about more serious apps for real dogs; there are also iPhone apps for people who love dogs but maybe can't have one or want to play with dogs away from home.

I work for an iPhone games company called ngmoco and we make a dog simulator called Touch Pets Dogs. In Touch Pets Dogs you can adopt a puppy, take care of it, have adventures and enjoy puppy playtimes together.

dog http://bit.ly/ar6Kpg - that's a link to Touch Pets Dogs in the iTunes store.

I wonder if other folks on Dogster play with virtual pets - I think I'll start another thread thinking
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Barked: Tue Mar 16, '10 9:47am PST 
Also, I like Pet Tricks for an iPhone app that shows basic pet tricks, also has some sound effects. I wish the tricks gave more guidance on the teaching steps, or maybe videos. But it's a good pocket reference.

Pet Tricks on the iTunes store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dog-tricks-bark-machine/id304074131?mt=8

OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 12:39pm PST 
Ooo I am going to have to check some of these apps out!!!!!!

Personally, I LOVE Runkeeper (free edition) because it keeps track of our walks, tell us how long we have been walking, how far we have walked, and how fast we are walking. And tells me how many calories I have burned!! I think the app is made for joggers/hikers, but it works great for dog walkers too!!!
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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 2:02pm PST 
I don't have an iphone, but I've heard of one that shows all the dog friendly parks and trails in the area? Not sure what it is called though....I guess I'm not a lot of help! laugh out loud

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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 6:47pm PST 
I have one that sounds like a dog toy when you shake the iPod. It is hilarious, but only if you have a dog that won't try to attack your phone/iPod when you do it. I love watching my dogs stare at it and slowly turn their head from one side to the other, trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.

One thing that would be nice, is an app where you can record how your dog does on different foods, so you can keep track of what works and what doesn't. Or at least a place to record all your dog's food allergies, so you can compare it to food labels when you are shopping. Maybe a calculator that helps you figure out how many calories your dog needs each day - and then when you plug in the calories in the food, it tells you how much you should feed? That would be nice.