Leg shaking scratches - Love 'em or hate 'em?

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Midget- MiniBeast

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 12:25am PST 
Its very hard to find Kodi's "spot" and with Midget it is amazingly easy. Maybe thats why we love to "torture" our dogs this way...

I was thinking, do you think dogs actually like it when we do that? I mean, it would bug me if someone kept coming up to me and abusing a physical responce that I couldn't control. But then again, back scratches are very nice. big grin

What do you think and why?
Chi Chi

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 2:13am PST 
I used to wonder this all the time.

I think Sakura has given me the answer.

Her "spot" is on her back. Around the middle-back area. You can't pet her back at all without her tensing just a bit and getting ready to thump (we call her thumper because the middle-back area is most of her back so she thumps ALL the time laugh out loud ) Well, sometimes, we can't scratch or pet it for her because our hands are full. So, she made a discovery. When she goes under the coffee table, the edge of it gets that thumper spot. She now does this on purpose. She goes under the coffee table and her leg will thump while she's walking. She does it on purpose! And seems so pleased with herself.

I'm now fairly certain that at least some- if not all- dogs like it. It might be a ticklish spot? Like when humans are tickled, some of us like it, some of us don't and we react with laughter. Dogs can't laugh, so maybe their reaction is leg thumping?
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 7:54am PST 
Sanka's leg goes crazy when his ears are touched. If you rub his ears, he'll put all his weight onto your hand and then his one back leg will thump and shake.

He likes to go up to the tall prairie grass and scratch his own ears. All you can see is his butt sticking out and his one leg wobbling.

But, once he starts scratching his ear, he gets into these scratching fits. If there's nothing for him to scratch his ear on, he'll just start to constantly shake his head. Everytime he shakes, his leg wobbles and thumps. It's so bad that he's fallen over from shaking his head and then trying to walk. His wobbling leg made him fall over. He'll have a hard time walking for the time being because his leg will just keep going everytime he shakes. And since he was scratching his ears before, he'll keep shaking his head. Sometimes he calms down on his own, and other times I have to put him in a secluded area to make him calm down.

I'm not sure if he really enjoys the leg shaking during all of that. You should have seen him at the vets office when they had to remove stitches from his ear....you'd a thought he was having a seizure his leg was shaking so much.

But he does have other spots that if I catch him while he's walking by, he'll stop to let me keep scratching the sweet spot.


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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 8:50am PST 
I don't know if dogs love it or hate it, but I discourage it when people scratch Mikey and he gets his back leg a shaking. I call it his fiddle.

I had a GSD who was super sensitive. You couldn't touch him anywhere on his body without his back legs doing the fiddle thing.
I always thought it was uncomfortable for him, so I tried my best not to get it going when I loved on him or bathed him.
I also have a friend who had a dog with similar issues and it always looked like it was too much when people would scratch and his hind legs would go berserk. It just looked like something the dog would rather not go through.

So, whenever I scratched a dog and their back legs start going, I stop scratching. But, that's just me.
Henry Miller

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 11:07am PST 
"His fiddle" that's cute!
laugh out loud
Henry is also pretty sensitive. You can pretty much scratch him anywhere on his back and his leg starts "fiddling." I've always wondered if he likes this too. I sort of equate it with tickling, so I don't do it to him. Who knows? shrug

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 11:23am PST 
My fiance calls it a "tickle spot". He'll sit there and scratch Daegan on his stomach/ side right above his left leg. When Daegan's leg starts kicking he says "I got your tickle spot!"

But I've also had dogs whose tickle spots would be near my arm, and their leg would actually be "kicking" my arm. It made me wonder if they're trying to kick the arm/hand that's "tickling" them off of them because they don't like it. Hmm... thinking

Maybe it's like with "people tickling." Some people like it, some people don't, and the people that don't usually try to push the hands away from them.

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Maggie & Porter

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 1:13pm PST 
Both Maggie and Porter will position my hand to be on "the spot" on their backs...so I think that they like it scratched.

Maggie's whole tummy is a "spot" though - you touch it and she "kicks" - I can get both back legs going at once (quite cute!).

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Barked: Sat Jan 23, '10 1:32pm PST 
laugh out loud Dahlia's scratch spot is at the base of her tail and she loooooves it! She will back up to me to scratch her, and she does air kisses all the while.

Barked: Fri Mar 14, '14 11:00pm PST 
I think if our dogs didn't like being scratched, or if their leg-twitching was a clear sign they were not enjoying it, they wouldn't just sit there and allow it to continue without protest; they would attempt to walk away..of course, you all know your dog best, and maybe yours doesn't actively try to get away from unpleasantness, but mine certainly does. When my dog finds something unpleasant, he makes it pretty obvious. I like to think my dog's leg shaking when I scratch just the right spot as a sign that he loves it and wants me to keep on...otherwise why would he jam his snout under my hand to flip it upwards back toward the spot the moment I stop, as if to say 'I didn't give you permission to stop!?'