Didge, just got run over by a truck

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Didge- 24/2/09 - 11/12/09

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 3:27am PST 
So i was out training Didge to walk loose leash in the front yard. It was all going well, I bent down to give her a treat and uncoordinatedly dropped the leash. For whatever reason Didge decided oh I'm going to do a runner. So i was following her at a distance. Trying to get her to come back. Apparently her recall is worse than i thought (not that i ever let her off the leash)
The I lost sight of her, so i searched 3 backyards and no sign of her, i went towards the main road, where we often walk. No sign of her. then i looked back in the direction i came from. A shot of grey there she was heading towards the road. She saw me and ran back in the direction of our house, changed her mind and starting coming near me, then bolted accross the dual lane road into/out of town. I look up the street and to my horror a truck. a 6 axel truck.

Please dear dog don't let that hit her!

A second later i see her head hit the first wheel and her whole body roll under the truck. She came out the other side, the momentum had moved her to the side of the road. She tried to get up, fell into a sit and started SCREAMING. I ran across the road- checking for trucks first- and came to her aid. I dragged her up onto someones driveway and she was bleeding out her mouth. Pretty badly. After a second of thinking I remembered my human first aid training and started to apply pressure to the puncture wound on the side of her face. I made her lie down and wouldnt let her move. No spinal injury for my girl. The truckie stopped and i borrowed his phone to call my BF, and the people whose house I was out the front of called the vets emergency line and the guy drove me there in his ute.

She's still bleeding by the time we get to the vet. I'm shoeless, walletless, keyless, braless and phoneless. The front door of the house I remember is still open. Surely 2 bad things can't happen in one day anyway.

The vet arrives and lets me in. We take Didge into the table, and she does a quick check, makes me hold the towel to stop the bleeding. We take her into the OR where her paw gets shaved, and injected with painkillers and I'm still holding her face.
Her nose is bleeding, she bit/scraped her tongue which is bleeding and the puncture wound on the side of her face is still bleeding. After like 10 minutes still bleeding, the vet gets my details and wants me to leave her overnight.
We check to see if she can walk, shes limping on her back legs, but she could have been much worse.

She gets put in a cage and is still bleeding. The vet does another injection for infection or something. Then i have to wait for my bf to arrive from class. It felt like forever. Then he comes in to say goodnight to her
Shes still bleeding :O everytime she moves.

I hope she makes it through the night
Pray with me doggies frown (sorry about longness)

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 3:47am PST 

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 3:51am PST 


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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 4:17am PST 
hughughug I am so sorry you and Didge went through all thathug I am sending postive thoughts your wayhug

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 4:59am PST 

I hope you pull through.. hug Sending our best wishes..
Lola- Penelope

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 5:00am PST 
Oh Didge...hughughug I'm praying you pull through soon! hug

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 5:53am PST 
Best get well wishes.
Tucker, CGC,- TDI

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 5:59am PST 
Oh, poor Didge! Sending hugs to both of you and lots of well wishes and POTP for Didge. Please let us know how she is as soon as you find something out. hughughughughug
Leah, CGC

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 6:04am PST 
DIDGE!!!! I am so sorry but don't worry! Even though those people your mom left you with are doing funny thing and everything there smells funny They love you just as much as mommy and everything thats happening no matter how weird will make you feel better even if it hurts a little at first!
I will be sending DOG love all day for you !! Hope you heal fast!

Didge Mom: I realize how hard this must be for you! Accidents are called that for a reason...they are just accidents! Be strong for Didge and the boyfriend! Everything will be all right!

Also to distract yourself now start looking into a local animal physical therapy program to enroll Digdge in or do some internet research on some PT excercises and massages to do at home. Studies are showing that Dog respond very very well and will get stronger faster if enrolled in PT!!

Good Luck but you don't really need it cause everything will be fine!wisheswisheswishescheercheercheercheerblue dog

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Barked: Thu Dec 10, '09 6:51am PST 
OMD Didge. Pawsitive thoughts & prayers are with you!
hug hug hug
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