How many of you sleep with your Chihuahua?

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Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Fri Nov 27, '09 10:48pm PST 
Hi! I know lots of folks sleep sharing thier beds with thier much cherished pups, I was just wondering if you think more Chihuahua owners sleep with thier dogs than other breeds? I'm thinking maybe so, just because Chi's bond so very, very closely with thier much loved humans. Not that other breeds are not loved and cherished! Just curious about your experiences with your doggies.
Happy Holidays from Kay and little Penny!!
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Sat Nov 28, '09 4:26am PST 
Princess does not sleep with us, partly because I am scared to squish her. Also because hubby isnt keen on dogs in the bedwink Bunny ( my mixed breed ) used to sleep with us, until my hubby got a CPAP machine. Princess used to sleep in a baby playpen but now is a big girl and sleeps in a crate.smile

If you are- going, so am I.
Barked: Sat Nov 28, '09 8:20am PST 
My chis don't sleep in the bed with my husband and I. The main reason is that I'm actually allergic to them so the less dog hair in the bedroom, the better! Although they DO sleep with us when we travel. : )

I would LOVE for them to sleep in the bed and Tippi actually used to sleep in my bed when I lived in my first apartment.


Barked: Sat Nov 28, '09 10:31am PST 
i snuggle right up to mom. I get under the covers and snuggle right up to her tummy

I'm a Woof Woo
Barked: Mon Dec 14, '09 3:30pm PST 
cherrys bed is at the top of the bed and she starts off the night w us, by the morning shes on daddy's head, or snuggled somewhere w us. we love it

Take me out of- the rain!
Barked: Wed Dec 16, '09 12:53pm PST 
Tod always sleeps with me. He prefers to either sleep under the covers or like a person with his body under the covers and head on the pillow. And hes always snuggled up with me; he's the amazing living hot water bottle. He is 12lbs and we're both small people so crushing him is not a concern. Our bigger dog is allowed in the bed too but she often only spends part of the night and sleeps at the foot of the bed because it get squishy. I guess that's one great thing about being little for Tod (but not too little)

scratch my- booty...come on- just a lil!!!
Barked: Sat Dec 19, '09 6:27am PST 
Luna has slept with me since she was a baby. When I first brought her home she slept on my chest right under my chin so I wouldn't squish her. But as she got older she would wiggle under the covers in the middle of the night and she likes to sleep right next to me. Luna grew up to be the best cuddler!!!

My boyfriend recently moved in and I was worried about how he would feel about Luna sleeping with us. He was weird about it at first but now he looks forward to cuddling with Luna as much as I do!

My dogs have always been welcome to sleep in bed with me. I wish I never let my english bulldog sleep with me but only because he snored BOL!

Barked: Sat Dec 19, '09 5:07pm PST 
Gizmo pushes her way under the covers, so yes she sleeps with us.

I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Sun Dec 20, '09 6:17pm PST 
yup, tiki has been sleeping with since the day she came to live with me, I tried to get her to go to her own bed but no way, she gets under the covers in the winter and we both keep warm.laugh out loud

Barked: Mon Dec 21, '09 8:26am PST 
When we first got Flea he was SO tiny there was no way he was sleeping in the bed. So I would put him to sleep in his little crate, and that only worked for a couple weeks because he got so attached me he would cry all night. So now Flea sleeps in the bed with us, which is amazing that a 3lb dog can take up so much room! He sleeps under the blankets inbetween my husband and I and he sleeps horizontal stretched out.
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