How did you come up with your Sheltie's name?

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Pogo, CGC

Got Sheltie?
Barked: Fri Nov 27, '09 6:37am PST 
I got Pogo's name because, when I first got him from rescue, he was very shy and unsure of me. He spent most of his time in his crate, but every so often you could see that he was trying to approach me. But he kept changing his mind, so it was in the crate, out the crate, in the crate, out the crate...etc...etc... Ergo, Pogo... It fits him now because at the first sign of disturbance in his world, he bounces up and is ready to go! laugh out loud

If it's not- bolted down,- it's a toy!
Barked: Mon Nov 30, '09 9:34am PST 
Brandy--spur of the moment. it's the name of an apartment cmplx near her breeder that we used as the landmark to know where to turn onto the breeder's street

Bailey--needed a "B" alcohol to go along with Brandy.

Scotch--came to us named Sketch. We really couldn't see ourselves saying "come, Sketchy!" We figured Scotch was close enough for him to get used to and it's short for Butterscotch. So, we kept with the "B's".

My parents had a dog named Whiskey. I guess it's just a family tradition to name our dogs after alcohol. It was just a coincidence at first, but now I just find it so funny that I want to keep it going.

We were born- for this!
Barked: Tue Dec 1, '09 10:27am PST 
Colt came with his name. I tried to rename him "Frisky", but his original name stuck. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't succeed in changing it. Colt will always be Colt.

Duncan, CD,- CGN, RNMCL,- RACL,

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Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 8:43pm PST 
Duncan got his name from the cartoon The Simpsons. We were watching TV and an old episode came on. It was the one where the Simpson Family saves Duncan the Diving horse from the circus, and he became all tough and gang like. Duncan was the only pup that ever escaped from our breeders house. People coming to visit found him at the end of their 1km long driveway, on a mission. The name just seemed to fit!

Bark, and the- world tells you- to shut up
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 8:47pm PST 
When we got Mila, it took us 2 weeks to pick her name. My boyfriend first wanted to name Mila Mikka, after the NHL goaltender, Mikka Kiprosauff (sp, I know its wherrong). Her littermate, who we would see on a regular basis was named Tikaa. The two names were too close. So he changed it to Mila. When we called our breeder to tell her, her comment was "Mila Mulrooney was a b*@ch too (canadians will understand) . Great to know that at 8 weeks our breeder knew what kind of temperment Mila was going to have! She called it!

Play innocent,- you get away- with more!
Barked: Sat Dec 5, '09 8:50pm PST 
When we got Jayna, she came to us as Genny. The name didn't seem to fit her. My boyfriend and I went back and forth with different names, and didn't like eachother's choices. Finally, since we couldn't decide, we went to the porn channel, and started looking forr names that stuck out on the info page for the pornos. We finally narrowed it down to Jenna or Jayna. And thus, Jayna the stripper dog, was born!

Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 12:44pm PST 
All our Dogs have human names.
We named our first sheltie Bonnie, cause we thought a scottish name for a sheltie would be great. She was 3 years old when we brought her home and the breeder had called her "smooch"
she learnt her new name very quickly. little angel

Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 12:48pm PST 
Our second sheltie which we called William, because his registered name is Shakespeare in Love and what else could we call him.
We did'nt care for "Shakes" as the breeder had done so. way to go

Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 12:51pm PST 
Our third sheltie we called Morgan.
That came about the same night we brought him home, and we was watching a movie with Morgan Freeman. and it just seeemed like the perfect name for our new arrival. applause

Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 12:56pm PST 
Our 4th sheltie and the only one that came to us as a 10 week puppy we called Patrick, as he came to our home the day before St. Patricks Day, and what could be more appropriate, as the other 3 all had human names. Plus he looked like he was quite the mischevious pup. He was as a puppy, but now he is the most layed back sheltie we have. thinking
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