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Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 2:28pm PST 
I was wondering how most do a rotation with their dog food? Do you have more than 1 brand that you feed at a time (mixed together). I am looking at trying Taste of the Wild and was wondering how it has been working for others.

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Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 7:08pm PST 
I feed one food at a time. I rotate by switching a new brand/protein source with every 15 lb.(ish) bag, which lasts about 7-8 weeks. Kady is allergic to chicken, so we rotate other protein sources. I rotate between Core, NV Instinct, Acana, Orijen, EVO (fish).

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It's all about your personal preference, and what your dog does best on. We rotate grain free foods. I know Dogster's Lily and Moira mix grained and grain free kibbles while rotating. They do well on that.

Really its all up to you and your pup(s). Every dog is different.

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Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 9:14pm PST 
Hi Max. Allee and Bama ate TOTW pacific for 3 months. They did wonderful on it, shinier and softer coats...and Bama seemed to have more energy and is playing more.
Now they are eating TOTW high prairie and doing good on it as well.
I just ordered them some Wellness Core and will be trying it in a couple-few weeks, when they run low of the TOTW.

I will probably rotate between the wellness core and TOTW formulas if this works out.
I may throw in a food w/grains every now and then, maybe Premium Edge or one of Wellness' other formulas.

I am also wanting them to try Acana (pacifica), and Nature's Variety Instinct (chicken one), and Evo small bites.

Brodie my bulldog eats NB sweet potato and fish and has for over a yr and a half. He does very well on it, he has food allergies and/or intolerance to many things...though I haven't done allergy testing. I know I tried him on TOTW pacific and he vomited several times, but had very solid poop??? Weird..but I am going to try Wellness Core Ocean for him soon. I ordered a 4pound bag. I really wish he would do well on it so I could at least rotate the NB and Wellness Core Ocean for him.

I wasn't into the rotating but I figure since Allee and Bama do not have the problems that Brodie has, there's no reason that they shouldn't get to eat different things! And, a lot of dogsters recommend rotating and so does The Whole Dog Journal, it says that rotating is good incase one food is lacking in a certain nutrient..the next food will make up for it, and it also helps prevent an allergy from developing!

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Thanks I give them a mix of 3 foods now but TOTW is actually cheaper than NB fish and sweet potatoe here. Thats why I am looking at switching. I started Max on NB because he is part chow and was told it would help with his skin and coat. It has and we didn't know what the shelter had been feeding him so he ended up with mixed food, puppy food and NB I continued with a mix since he was doing well with this plus I could introduce a new food mixed in the the NB fish and sweet potatoe. NB has been the main food and I put 2 smaller bags with it. When we got Sammi she, well eats everything in sight even things not food if we aren't careful. smile I was considering switching to the TOTW and keeping a bag of something mixed with it so that they still would get some grain and be tolerate of it. I have a friend who's dog has been having issues with food and she switched over to TOTW and was doing ok but then someone fed them a few biscuits and she was sick over the weekend. IS this like really bad that I feed them a mixof 2 or 3 foods? I also mix in different canned foods in once a day. I alternate these as well.....good or bad??