one more tick product question (frontline plus)

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Jessica CGC

Will work for- food
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 11:54am PST 
I was unable to get regular frontline. When I went to pick up what I thought was frontline, it turned out to be frontline plus and I asked "I just wanted regular frontline can I buy that" the woman looked confused and said no they don't sell that. I called 2 other vets who don't sell it either, just plus.

I bought just 3 viles though, because I have nothing else and you had to buy at least 3.

I think both frontline and frontline plus use the chemical fipronil anyway.

I read, "When exposed to sunlight, fipronil breaks down into a compound nine to ten times as potent as fipronil itself" Odd.

Anyway does anyone think frontline plus is deadly (with evidence) and I won't stick with it and keep on searching for something safer?

I'm spoiled but- not rotten!
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 1:03pm PST 
we have used it for at least 4 years now and have had absolutely no ill effects whatsoever shrug also have had no fleas or ticks
Spuds "The- Angel Potato- Head"

Thinking of my- pal Troop!!
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 1:16pm PST 
We have used Frontline Plus for many years, ever since it came out.

Sunlight refers to storage of the product.


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Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 1:45pm PST 
I use it as needed. Each dog got two doses this year with no side effects.
Duppy- Conquerer- ~*CGC*~

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Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 2:50pm PST 
I've never had a problem with Frontline, and although it's still a neurotoxin, haven't heard of any horror stories as compared to advantix and other flea drops
Kitsune- Trouble

Divide and- cuddle!!
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 2:58pm PST 
This is the brand we have been using since we first brought Kit home. So far he hasn't experienced any problems with it at all.

Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 4:19pm PST 
I've used Frontline Plus since literally the day I brought Zeus home, and have applied it on both dogs monthly year round for their entire lives and have had no adverse effects with it, or ever seen a single solitary flea or tick. (Although I've begun to calm down on my paranoia of fleas and am doing every other month through the cold season this year.)

I'm a technician at a small clinic, and have never had any complaints from our clients about it and have never seen any patients with the concern that Frontline Plus has caused any kind of damage.

Keep in mind that she will never systemically absorb any of the product, meaning it doesn't get in her bloodstream, and stays in the dog's sebacous glands on their skin making it signifigantly more safe than some products currently on the market. There's nothing in this world that is fool proof, but as far as Frontline Plus is concerned, it has me and my dog's personal stamp of approval! Good luck, my friend! big grin

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Jessica CGC

Will work for- food
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 8:06pm PST 
Thank you all, your answers actually made me feel a TON better about using the frontline plus.hug

And I'm really relieved that I don't have to worry so much about ticks and lyme disease now.
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Tue Nov 10, '09 9:09pm PST 
Yeah we have used it since 2006 when Allee developed flea allergy.
I think I told u that I just half a vial between her and Bama. So far I haven't put it on them yet this month...I usually do it on the 1st. The vet did tell me w/a dog that has flea allergy and in my area it's best to apply year round. But, I thought I'd see how they do without it for awhile.
Brodie doesn't get a preventative because he's never had any fleas!

Heidi Ho!
Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 12:41pm PST 
We have been using Frontline Plus since we got Heidi and all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore at all. She's started getting fleas really bad. We take her to the dog park every day or at least every other day and she's never had a flea problem. Now we're bathing her every other week in flea shampoo and using frontline plus every 2 weeks because she's gnawed off part of her fur on her backside.
Our vet said Frontline & Frontline Plus have lost their effectiveness on most of her clientele and she's switching them all to something else. Not the first time I've heard this. Watch your dog on frontline.
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