Places to help pet owners with bills

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Barked: Mon Oct 26, '09 9:21am PST 
My mom's friend found out her schnauzer has kidney stones. frown Their vet said that the pup needs surgery to remove them, and mom's friend is crushed cause she doesn't have that kind of money and the vet doesn't do payment plans. frown So my mom said she'd ask about places to help owners with vet bills. What places like that are there? Mom knows about http://www.imom.org/, but that's it so far.

Thanks everypup.

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Some time ago I could not afford meds for my pup. A local vet gave the meds to me at cost (really cheap!). If you call around (or even better, write) to veterinarians in your area, explaining your situation and offering to pay something (no matter how small), you may find a sympathetic vet (some do pro bono work). You can also try bartering--vets always need people to clean, especially if they have a large practice with boarding smile

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What about taking the dog to another vet that does accept payment plans?

Or, what about taking out some Care Credit?


Best of luck to your friend's dog.. hug

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Thanks guest and Lilith! My mom's friend found a relative to borrow the money from. I hope the relative offers a better payment plan than the vet! laugh out loud