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Let\'s roll!!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 3:24pm PST 
All of our dogs have them...little quirks that make you go "huh"?

My Terrier/Chix mix is very afraid of hairdryers. She doesn't mind the vacuum, the garbage disposal, ambulances, or any other loud noise...just the hairdryer.

My lab who has passed liked to use her tail to wag the toilet paper off the rolls. wink

I'm the KING of- Naughtiness
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 3:41pm PST 
One of Snoopys wierdest and most endearing traits is the "after dinner roll" After he eats, he rolls and rolls and rolls...its so funny.

Running- ridiculously- fast is my- favorite
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 3:44pm PST 
Every time Sierra does a bow to stretch her front legs, a little toot comes out the back shock

She gets very upset if I don't let her in the bathroom with me, but only me.

She loves to watch Animal Planet


Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 3:47pm PST 
Bruno's latest weird thing is when I use the attachment on the vacuum he likes me to vacuum his tongue. he hops around and barks and gets very excited, but always comes back for more...snoopy
Donovan'sMajesticJet of Solace

Street sweeper!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 3:50pm PST 
Bruno, thats hysterical!
Jet doesnt have hardly any. He doesnt fart! My GSD did ALL the time. He does belch a lot and its louder than humans and hes usually standing in front of my face when he does it. I talk to him a lot, and he is constantly turning his head from one side to the other as if to say "WTF are you talking about?"

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 4:28pm PST 
I get a kick out of the 2 of mines faces when I ummm pass gas. They look at the area where the noise comes from with cocked heads, puzzling over "where did that noise come from"laugh out loud

Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:06pm PST 
Everytime Pheobie gets done clicker training, she does one spin and then goes to sleep.

After Harpo is done eating he stretches and runs laps in the yarddancing

Born to run
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:08pm PST 
Well, I probably shouldn't do this buuuuuut.. since Sheeba LOVES chewing on cardboard, whenever we get junk mail flyers she gets really excited, and I hand it over to her and she proceeds to rip it into teeny tiny pieces. Sometimes she'll bring larger pieces to me for a game of fetch. shrug Basically she's like a junk mail shredder, and I'll give her empty toilet paper rolls every once in awhile too. I guess she likes how it feels in her mouth or something.

Raff! Grrraff!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:08pm PST 
If you make a "boof" sound Ava tenses up and looks around. Either she's trying to figure out what made the sound, or she's wondering what we're "boof"ing at. It's actually kind of sad.

Also, today she decided she hates getting her butt wet, and refused to sit on the wet deck--I make her sit before coming inside/going outside. I couldn't even push her hiney down. Finally I gave in and let her inside, because she would have stood out there all day otherwise. XD

Edited by author Tue Sep 8, '09 5:09pm PST

Shayne CGC,- RL2

Shayne- Disc Doggin in- the 'Burgh!
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 5:17pm PST 
Shayne always has a toy in her mouth.... other than when she's training, eating or drinking, she will always find a toy. I think it's almost a security blanket type thing. She prefers soft plush toys, but since she destroys them all the time she will settle for any toy. If she cant' find a toy she'll find a stray sock/shirt etc...anything to have in her mouth.

When anyone comes to my door shayne runs to the door barks then finds a toy--she'll stand with the toy at the other end of the apt staring at whoever is at the door with a toy in her mouth.

i have no idea why...so i'd call that her weird quirk.
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