Crating at night

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Kodi is 7 months old and is doing well with his training. When we got him at 9 weeks we introduced him to his crate/pen( We have his dog crate attached to a puppy pen). In the beginning we had him sleep in the crate . When he got older we got him a larger crate a left the door to the crate open, so he could go in and out of the crate to the pen. No accidents or issues. The last 2 nights when I say bed time he has been getting on a chair we let him on in the livingroom. I let him stay out of the pen but kept the door open. Both mornings there were no accidents or destruction. He also sleeps till 7 when he's out but gets up at 5 when he's in the pen. Should I let him continue to sleep out of the pen? and leave the door open? I do plan on letting him have free range of house(closing off some rooms) when he is trustworthy. When I leave the house I usually put him in the pen. Sorry so long. happy dance

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Addy, CGC

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It's totally up to you. If he's behaving appropriately and you're comfortable with it, go ahead.

Addy goes into her crate with the door closed when I have be out of the house, for safety, since there wouldn't be anyone there to react if she got into some kind of trouble, but at night she usually sleeps on my bed. My sister's dog is also crated when the family is out, but sleeps on a dog bed in the living room at night.

Other people do crate their dogs at night, and the dogs are just fine with it and perfectly happy, because that's their regular routine.

Whatever makes you and your puppy happy and comfortable.

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We crate at night for a few different reasons. First, we have a toddler. Second- we spend all day with Jasper and want him to be able to have some idependent quiet time (sans toddler) in his own den. Third, of course as a training aid. For the first few months, he did not seem too excited about his crate- but for the last week (after we take him out before bed), he jogs right on into his crate and lays down. Over time I notice he really seems to like his crate. I am of the belief that we all need a little space of our own to stay sane. puppy


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I have begun letting Lexus sleep outside her crate in my room at night. She hasn't had any accidents since she was 3 months old so I don't need to worry about that.

However, I still crate her when I go out. I like that she won't cry when I put her inside. This keeps her used to it if ever I need to use it for travel. Some hotels ask that you crate your animal. Also if I ever have her stay with a friend while I am away I can trust she won't fuss to be in her crate at night. I would hate to think of her keeping anyone up with her cries.