Eggs for breakfast? won't eat carrots!

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.

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lushnie pie- pie

if its in your- plate, I want it
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 8:55am PST 
hi everyone I am new to this forum and I registered mainly for this home cooking section. I read about how dog food is mostly ingredients that come from human food waste and I was disgusted. So I decided I wanted to cook for lushnie pie pie. I made her chicken, rice and carrots, but she won't eat the carrots, so my first question is, how do I feed her veggies? and second, I usually have eggs for breakfast, so I was wondering if it was alright that lushnie had 3 scrambled eggs per day, just a little salted.

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 12:28pm PST 
Eggs might be too rich for your dog. Usually cooked or raw eggs are only fed 2 to 3 times a week. Many dogs can get the runs or real bad gas from having an abundance of eggs in their diets.
Stella Mary

Stella Mary- Queen of the- couch
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 4:37pm PST 
WOW, I think that feeding 3 eggs a day sounds like a lot esp. with added salt.
I think its only recc. 2-3 times per week.
I try not to add salt to my dogs diet. One of my dogs is a Pekingese and the othere is a cavlaier king charles spaniel. (the breed has some heart problems so I don't add salt to his food at all)
I cook their food also, usually ground or cut up chicken with brown rice, frozen peas and carrots sometimes i add zuccini and I alternate the rice with pasta, or sometimes I add some oatmael to it.
I use olive oil to brown the meat lightly then add the other ingredients until the rice is soft.
they love it
I tried turkey but they ususally get upset stomachs from it, so I stopped.
charlie is (the ckcs) likes to snack so he gets baby carrots or other veggies.
they both love dehydrated chicken but, the brand that i was paying premium price for was made in china, so I stopped using it and I just use boneless chicken cut into thin strips cooked in a 200 degree oven until it's really dry.
they go nuts over it as a snack and its way cheaper than the 16.99$$ a bag I was spending.
I do give them some cheese as a snack so they get some calcium, but, I will be checking into how much they really need of calcium to see if I should supplement more, charlies loves yogurt too, so he get some of that on occasion.
their are lots of recipes out there , I have to be carful because Charlie has a delicate stomach I used to use sweet potato's but, they started to bother him he also had an allergic reaction to apples! funny, my husband has an allergy to them too.
good luck


Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 8:32pm PST 
Some people puree the dog food, could do that. Sassy gets canned pumpkin, could just puree the veggies. You could finely grate the carrot so it would stick to the other food and she couldn't pick it out.

When everything is cooked together the good meat taste flavors everything else. Max used to dislike banana for instance. I bought duck jerky wrapped banana treats and now he will eat fresh banana. In time she probably will learn to like the veggies.

Forgot about the egg thing. To boost protein for a while Sassy was getting 2 hard cooked egg whites and Max was getting the yolks as lunch every day. Worked fine but my dogs are medium sized. I wouldn't salt any egg served to the dog, not necessary. You could mix in some of the daily rice and serve 1/2 an egg a day maybe. And your dog could be one that can handle more egg.

Check out dogaware for really great info on feeding dogs real food.

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Kiki - My Angel- Baby Girl

Hey, hey! Drop- the meat, I'm a- waitin'!
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 9:35pm PST 
Our vet told us we can feed scrambled or hard boiled eggs 1-2 times per week so 3 per day is wayyyyy too much. I add very little if any salt to my dog's food. If you boil the chicken with frozen peas and carrots for example, the flavor is enough without salt.

I used to give them peas and carrots with chicken but now I puree the cooked vegetable (zuchini, frozen peas & carrots, celery, frozen green beans) in a blender and store it in a plastic container. They love it and I think it is easier for them to digest. I add this puree vegetable to cooked meat, rice or potatoes and sweet potatoes.

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lushnie pie- pie

if its in your- plate, I want it
Barked: Wed Jul 22, '09 8:13am PST 
wow thanks everyone, well, I am actually staying at my bf's and he has another bigger poodle and a cat, and he wants to try this whole cooking thing too, so my dog has to share :p but puree sounds like a good idea and they seem to like ground beef better than chicken, yesterday I tried that and they gobbled it down waaay too quickly and lushnie still picked out the carrots, but she seems to be fine with some greens... so I guess I will just not feed her carrots.


extrovert- extraordinaire!
Barked: Wed Jul 22, '09 11:28am PST 
Sassy is right and I found www.dogaware.com through her. It is a terrific source of information on home cooking. My dog loves eggs so he generally gets one cooked egg most days, mixed with cottage cheese or yogurt, and that is the meal he will absolutely kill for. I believe that is ok, per Dr Pitcairn's book. My dog gets lots of exercise so he has a pretty varied diet of which this is a small part. Dr Pitcairn, by the way, suggests flavoring with garlic and other herbs is good for dogs so maybe you can cut out the salt and aBe sure you are using supplements - I don't think we can just feed the dogs food and get all the stuff they need in there.

Puppy Power
Barked: Wed Jul 22, '09 4:36pm PST 
Chloe gets raw in addition to her dog food. We don't give her eggs that much but Saturdays and Sundays, she gets scrambled eggs with us. I don't add any seasonings to any of the food I cook for her and she still gobbles it up! She gets chicken breast and steak a few times a week but working on a half raw/half dry dog food diet plan. I wouldn't say that all dog food is bad. We feed her Buffalo for large breed puppies and to me, as long as I can read and understand everything on the ingredient list(in other words, natural) doesn't make it bad or inferior.

Barked: Thu Jul 23, '09 10:44am PST 
Lushnie Pie Pie:
You didn't mention whether you were cooking the carrots or not or I just missed it. I know Taser won't eat raw carrots but he does eat them cooked. I would also suggest grating or mashing them or tossing the whole lot into a blender if she's being picky with her vegetables. I also give Taser turnip mixed with carrots, you may want to give a bit of variety in her meal to appease her or add some gravy. It didn't appear you were adding any fat, you can use a touch of olive oil or vegetable oil, canola oil, etc... Dogs, still need some fat in their diet.

I sometimes give Taser one egg a day to boost his protein intake but Taser is 95lbs, much bigger than your little cuttie pie. You could also exchange rice for sweet potato sometimes which has a strong flavour most dogs like and would hide the more bitter flavour of other vegetables. I bake my sweet potatoes in the oven, the skin peels off easily and the inside is heavenly sweet mush. wave

Puppy Power
Barked: Thu Jul 23, '09 11:08am PST 
Chloe doesn't like raw carrots either...maybe I should cook some for her and see if she'll eat them.
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