Itchy Ears (but no sign of infection)?

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Bella Boom Boom- Loves to Vroom- Vroom~
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 11:04pm PST 
Dear Dogsters,
I've been shaking my ears relentlessly, and after close inspection, she can't figure out what's wrong.

There's no smell of yeast in my ears.

No redness, just a slight pink b/c I do scratch my ears.

No fleas or ticks (we stay indoors and only go outside for potty and walks)

I also itch my paws from time to time, but not so bad its raw or red.

Should I be on grain-free food?

What proteins are good for dogs w/sensitive skin (my belly often gets pink b/c there's very little hair there)?

Any recommended brands for itchy ears, paws etc.?

Thanks in advance,

Bella and Fambam

Wanna go for a- ride? Zak- fangs..
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 11:43pm PST 
Ok I am going thought the same thing with Zak. I know that apple cider vinegar will take care or all of this. I just do not remember how long I need to apply. The acv changes the alkalinity and the yeast will not grow in it. For the ears I mix it 1/2 with alcohol. to help dry it up. Yes you did say it did not smell like yeast, but that will make a great everyday ear cleaner.
Good Luck

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Barked: Wed May 13, '09 6:10am PST 
She could have mites in her ears. She may also be having an allergic reaction to something that she is eating, drinking, or something that she gets into... grass, bushes, chemicals.
I would get right to the vet and get some sort of treatment going. She is probably uncomfortable by now.

Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Wed May 13, '09 6:12am PST 
Could be a food allergy. I'd switch to a grain free food with a novel protein source like Wellness Core Ocean or Solid Gold's Barking at the Moon. (It depends on what you are feeding now).
If beef is the main source of protein then go fish based or lamb based, get the idea?
Miss Priss

little one
Barked: Wed May 13, '09 6:48am PST 
Hi Kid! You know there could be an ear infection brewing that just has not showed to the Human Eye as of yet...

Here are some things for pets that tend to get yeast and ear infections... Hope these tips help...

Yes, a good grain free food is a PLUS - we like the sojo brand ( green bag only ) and Innova Evo is yum yum good, too!

For yeast control - a good probiotic is very helpful.... Acidophalus..
1/2 of a 1 billion CFUs for your size - this is NOT a drug it is all natural.. Need help - ? just ask mom and me.

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Bella Boom Boom- Loves to Vroom- Vroom~
Barked: Wed May 13, '09 3:41pm PST 
Thank you, lovelies!

I'll try the apple cidar/alcohol ear wash mixture, and switch her to a different protein food. She eats lamb & also chicken, so I'll probably get her onto fish or venison, grain free.

The itchy paws won't go away-- even when she was on Evo beef and Evo venison...

She gets a salmon oil supplement, so maybe I'll switch her to olive oil (someone recommended this on a previous post)...

Its like a shot in the dark in figuring out the source of allergies!

Thanks so much,

Bella & fambam