YUCK pup eats from kitty litter box!!

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Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 12:59pm PST 
Ok I know it is gross but Max has started to eat the poop from the Cats litter box .....(Max is 13 weeks old)

I have corrected him each time I catch him and have now moved the litter box to behind a baby gate ....

we have 3 litter boxes 2 upstairs which he is not aloud upstairs now as he is a pup and I won't be able to keep an eye on him up there (stairs blocked by a gate)

1 litter box down stairs which I have moved to behind a gate... cats can jump the gate so they are fine ... but sometimes the gate is left open and Max seams to know when and runs for a snack YUCK eek

Why is he doing this??

Should I have moved it behind the gate or just kept correcting him each time he went near it ?(out of sight out of mind or teaching it's wrong?)?

Anypup had this problem.......shrug
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Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 1:04pm PST 

Many of us have this problem. I started sprinkling just a little bit of meat tenderizer in the cats food and so far it's been keeping the dogs out of the box. I don't think the cat even knows there's something mixed in his food. You can try Adolphs meat tenderizer (just a sprinkle) in the cats food, but I would still try to correct the pup.
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Cookie used to feast on kitty litter crunchies when I had a cat. Eventually, she quit after I corrected her enough. (I didn't have a place where I could move the box to that she couldn't get to.) Unless she got sneaky about it...shh

There are many theories on what causes stool eating, from nutritional deficiency, to they like the taste/texture, to they're just cleaning up their environment. It'd be nice to have a dog clean the litter for ya, wouldn't it? If they disposed of it a different way, that is.


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Lol they eat it cause its tasty? big laugh

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I like to refer to it as kitty rocha.

I keep the litter box in a seperate room with a baby gate up. Works for us, but Chewie is also crated so he hasn't had the opportunity to indulge. If given the chance I'm sure he would. silenced

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BOL Cookie ..... train the dogs to clean the cat litter box now thats a good idea

I haven't been able to train any other human in the house too

big laugh
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Hey I had that problem! It make me sick! I got the perfect solution. The make litter boxes that have a top cover with a little dog flap for them to go in an out. Since I don't have a dog door they have no idea how to use it and have not had ONE problem since. If your dog knows doggy doors it might not work though! My dogs used to eat all the cat food too. I put it up on the bathroom counter top the cat has very easy access but the dogs can't get to it.

Good Luck!! wink

Not the one I have but same idea, you can buy them anywhere! WalMart, Target, Petco, etc.

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This stuffy is dangerous for your puppy and he should not have access to it. I had this problem years ago when I had both cats and dogs and solved the problem quickly by moving the little box into the garage and putting a kitty door that was too small for the dog. Eventually she got tired of trying to reach it and then when she was in the garage, ignored it completely. blue dog

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Barked: Sat May 9, '09 5:53am PST 
Oreo does this too..its disgusting and it makes me soooo mad but i am sure he can't help it because its soo tempting. I will get hime out of this habit though cause i know its bad for him.