HR 669 law, worse than BSL

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Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 11:18am PST 
I don't know if and how many people has heard of the HR669 Legislative Bill, but this one in my book is worse than the BSL crap. If passed you will no longer be allowed to: Buy, sell, breed, or transport pets such as ; Birds, fish, small mammals (hamsters, G. Pigs, Ferrets), reptiles, and more. I've told people that if they passed BSL laws, that bull crap like this would start as a result, now look, if your hamster has babies, you will be breaking the law, If your kid catches a frog or toad, he'll be jailed for it.

Please research this, they have petitions in many places, and video's on Youtube. It's time we the people say what we can have for pet, not the government.

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Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 6:00pm PST 
Ozzy, I've brought this up in another thread.. I thought there weren't very many pups who know about this... I'm glad you know what's happening! Hereis the link to the other thread...

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Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 1:17pm PST 
Before you freak out, read the bill carefully. Section Ten gives a specific list of animals, yes, but it also says something that is golden and a cause not to worry.
"(D) does not include any cat (Felis catus), cattle or oxen (Bos taurus), chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus), dog (Canis lupus familiaris), donkey or ass (Equus asinus), domesticated members of the family Anatidae (geese), duck (domesticated Anas spp.), goat (Capra aegagrus hircus), goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus), horse (Equus caballus), llama (Lama glama), mule or hinny (Equus caballus x E. asinus), pig or hog (Sus scrofa domestica), domesticated varieties of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), or sheep (Ovis aries), or any other species or variety of species that is determined by the Secretary to be common and clearly domesticated."
This following link will discusses myths about the bill: http://www.necis.net/files/myths-vs-facts-on-hr-669.pdf>
Hamsters and furry things that haven't possed a problem will safe. Birds will be safe. Reptiles may not be safe, however, as they are a threat. The evaulation will be done scientifically, so if it is passed there will be no reason to worry.


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Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 12:27am PST 
Charley, read my response to you in the other thread about this. The issue is not just reptiles, but ferrets, chinchillas, most fish, sugar gliders, and the economy. This IS a big deal and is something to freak out about.

"Punish the- deed, not the- breed."
Barked: Thu Apr 30, '09 7:02am PST 
Thanks for the link to your post....

Charley, We don't live on a farm!!! We are city dogs, our kid's like the fish in their aquarium, the stinky Ferrets (even if they bite us on the nose), and their cute little hamsters.... Heck, dad use to have some birds from Australia called Cockatiels (TYPO?). We don't think that it's right, because it's going to cause people to loose their jobs and then how are they going to feed their human and pet families??? What about my little human kid's, I feel that a hamster helps to teach children the responsibility of having a animal pet, later leading to us dogs as pets.