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what age can they live till?

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Barked: Thu Feb 12, '09 10:03am PST 
rinky is 15 1/2 I wonder if anyone knows of many chihuahuas living much longer than this age. I realize how blesses i am having him this long but can't help but worry daily our time is short.

Love Mommy\\\'s- Lap
Barked: Thu Feb 12, '09 1:29pm PST 
I've heard of some that live to 20! If your baby doesn't have any major health issues, it would seem like he should have more time to spend with you. hug

I'm not small!- I'm FUN-SIZED!!!
Barked: Fri Feb 13, '09 1:01am PST 
I think the average is 16-18... though, I've known some chihuahuas to live to be 19 or 20!!

Jacey (In- loving- memory)

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Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 6:39am PST 
Mine have lived to be 18, I know some that have lived to be in their 20's.

I may be little- but I ain't- afraid!
Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 1:46pm PST 
Chihuahua have a reputation for being a "long-lived breed", meaning that they often achieve often achieving 16 or more years of age. My little Paco is only 3, so I know that we have may more years to come.

Unfortunately, with old age comes health problems. I'm just now going through this with my 11 year old mini-schnauzer, Carly. She's got a bad uti & bladder stones. I want her around for as long as possible, but I know our years are limited & it makes me very, very sad. I've had her since I was 18, I she's been through hell & back with me, so I feel like I should do the best I can to make her elder years enjoyable & comfortable.

Foxxy Roxxy!
Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 10:03am PST 
I have read they are the longest living dogs when they are healthy.
I have heard 20yrs.

scratch my- booty...come on- just a lil!!!
Barked: Sat Mar 7, '09 11:54am PST 
The breeder I got Luna from said her oldest chi was 23. I know Luna will be with me til she is 99 thoughbig grin

I'm not small!- I'm FUN-SIZED!!!
Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 6:57pm PST 
Awww, luna!! smile

"Just Lick It"
Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 8:55pm PST 
i heard small dogs tend to live longer.
Muffy Mouse

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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 1:39pm PST 
Hooray for Chihuahuas!!cheercheer
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